•  The Niger Delta group released fresh warning to the government of Muhammadu Buhari 
  •  The militants threatened to destroy national assets if Buhari decided to sell any of them

One of the militant groups operating in oil-rich Niger Delta region has sent a strong warning to President Muhammadu Buhari government over the sale of the national assets to overcome recession in the country. 

The Buhari government has proposed to sell some of assets to revive the economy. However, many Nigerians are opposed to the plan, disagreeing that previous sales hardly helped the nation’s economy. 

Senate has also rejected the proposed sale of national asset by the federal government. The Niger Delta Justice Defence Group in a statement signed by its general commander and made available to NAIJ.com has vowed to destroy any asset that is sold by the Nigerian authorities. 

  • The short statement reads: “We are warning the Muhamadu Buhari’s incompetent government not to sell any government asset in the Niger Delta region; rather he should seek alternative means to deliver on his falsified campaign promises! 
  • “ELSE we shall destroy any asset that is sold. As the backbone of the economy, we should be allowed to control all government assets in our region and not to sell it to his Almajiri brothers who will worsen the current environmental degradation status of our region.” 

The group earlier took responsibility for destroying several pipelines in Rivers state. They include: pipelines in Tai and Gokana local government areas. 

The Niger Delta Justice Defence Group earlier listed five demands to the administration of President Buhari. The militants asked to be allowed to control the oil output in the Niger Delta region and to immortalize activists who died during the struggle for better life for the oil-rich region among others.

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