By Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 21 2016

I read on Nigerian dailies that IPOB is set to shut down Southeast and I laughed at such divisive report; the Nigerian media will never get tired of remnant of their now failed division. I thought this divide and rule strategy has been conquered and they have raised a white flag. Just recently, they were telling us how Niger Delta is part of Biafra and a certain convicted terrorist the leader of the People of Biafra. Again you begin to wonder why they won’t commend Asari Dokubo who has stood firmly that the people of Biafra have united under Nnamdi Kanu after many years of Southsouth fraud; at least Asari has been on the front foot for the people of Biafra in his claim that the fraud called Niger Delta is bona fide Biafra.
This divisive report should stop and as expected, events should serve as agent of conformity; it is one thing to accept a fact and is another thing to neglect it. If investigative journalism is anything serious in Nigeria; Nigerian media should know that when Biafra is mentioned; Rivers state and Delta are the most lethal campaigners or agitators and come this sit at home protest; they would champion the protest. When a foreign Journalist with AFP came down to Biafra land; on her tutored article; she explained that immediately her flight landed on the tarmac of Portharcourt Airport; the strongest wind of Biafra had started blowing her and she documented that most of the victims of the Release Nnamdi Kanu protest were from Rivers State.
What the divisive report could not answer is; are Rivers and Delta State Southeast and if they are Southsouth; then shouldn’t there be a comprehensive report that Southsouth and Southeast will be shut down? Even though we are now aware that there is nothing like Southsouth but East; sane mind can take that for truth even though the report will be mocked for fighting a lost battle. I decided to draw the attention of my readers to this clueless report and maybe improve subsequent reports from wayward Editors. I am allergic to poor documentation and off trend reports; if last week an Editor told us that geographically impossible Southsouth is more Biafran than Southeast and today again tell us that a protest sanctioned by the people of Biafra is limited to Southeast; then it won’t be wrong to check the age and head of the Editor.
Rivers State has finished plans to start her ‘Sit at home’ protest on Thursday and this is the glimpse of what I mean. I was in Delta State on Monday and the people of Biafra are already gearing up for the protest. Bayelsa will observe as well as Cross River, Enugu will observe and Anambra will do same but Delta State and Rivers State stand exceptional because they always lead in Biafra restoration project. You can attest to that with the numerous protests that have been held across Biafra land and the two States are always on the front foot.
It would be fair to note that Abakiliki has not shown more dedication than Delta and neither has Anambra shown more passion than Rivers. Even though there should be particular place to shut down; IPOB will shut down Southsouth  and not Southeast going by events. Time has gone when Nigerian media can stand and report or write anything that pleases it or pro-government lies or deceit; there is another nation within that would counter everything and expose the unprofessionalism therein.
Delta State and Rivers stand the most outstanding States that have contributed to Biafra restoration project; the people of Biafra refuse to be divided and stand united towards the restoration of their nation. This Friday 23rd September ‘sit at home’ protest will further prove that the two States are formidable and would champion the protest.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for Biafra Post
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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  1. u r a foooool... which delta and rivers state? better dnt bring that biafra nonsense us deltans we are good in wasting biafra protesters...our police n army dsnt tk nonsense nw come we are waiting..we will kill u pple lyk chickens as usual