By Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 14 2016

The dust has been cleared and people can now see clearer what is ahead; last month or thereabout when the news of a factional IPOB broke out, it took the people of Biafra by surprise because they were all aware that nothing like that was existing or existed. The people waited patiently to know who broke out and formed a faction in IPOB that they were not aware but all of a sudden was reported by Vanguard. After a comprehensive assessment, it became clear that IPOB was never cracked and there is nothing like splinter group in existence. The said REIPOB and TRIPOB only childishly mentioned names after names, while there is no identity; they only existed on the pages of news paper. 
It is now all over and put to rest, the strategy failed before it could be applied and also disgraced the media firm that propagated the entire drama. When any name mentioned by the hoax group always comes back firing at them and warning that nobody should associate it with the group, Vanguard and Buhari were already getting tired; somebody needed to anchor the strategy but it seems nobody is coming forth. The people expected to accept the plan to derail Biafra restoration project through the hoax group vindicated themselves by openly denying and speaking against such desperation from Buhari. Some held that it was due to the seriousness of Biafran Youths who decided to banish anybody found culpable in such act while some said that denial and failure of anybody to anchor the strategy is due to fear of Niger Delta Avengers.
Whatsoever anyone may think, the failure of the hoax group and the distancing of people from this Buhari’s strategy is a clear indication that Nnamdi Kanu has possessed everybody in Biafra that it took only a terrorist in detention, to accept the association of the group with hope to be freed from detention. MEND having accepted the group is simply enough evidence to show that Buhari failed with the strategy. One thing that is very clear is that the people of Biafra are without doubt resolute and ready to achieve their goal; they have proved their unity cannot be bought or tempered with as it has always been done.
Henry Okah of MEND, a terrorist in detention to have accepted the hoax group is the easiest way for Buhari to swallow his vomit; as the strategy of anchoring a hoax group failed; they returned it to the original source; which is MEND that represents Buhari. The hoax group strategy is a test that proved the readiness, resoluteness and unity of the people of Biafra under Nnamdi Kanu. It simply proves that the people of Biafra so much trust Nnamdi Kanu that they cannot be bought over with anything this time around. Buhari must have mapped out millions of Naira for the execution of the plan but to his greatest dismay; he was rejected with everything he had.
The greatest advantage the failed imposition of hoax group gave Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu was the cementation of the unity of old Eastern People under a centralized command. When Buhari was taking back his hoax group through Henry Okah; Buhari openly confessed through Okah that divide and rule strategy is over by his report that Niger Delta is more Biafran than even the hinterland part of Biafra. A lie of over 65 years was dismantled by the liar after a long battle with Nnamdi Kanu who has severally made it clear that his first mission is to take back every part of Biafra that was lost to the Nigerian government through deceit. Today, not only has it been made clear that there is nothing like Southsouth, Buhari has assisted Biafra restoration project in every angle. The cementation of the unity of Biafra is a great step worthy of celebration; in the end the various strategies will only force circumstance to grant the need Biafrans aspire.
It is clear that the arrest and continued incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu is the driving force of Biafra restoration and while he suffers incarceration; the pains only draw Biafra restoration closer every minute of the day. I have maintained that as long as the wrong formula is applied, it would continue to backfire until nothing will be left of Nigeria. The REIPOB and TRIPOB formula has backfired and gifted the people of Biafra by cementing the unity that was denied through Southsouth fraud. Today, not only has it been confessed that Niger Delta is Biafra by Nigerian government but urged that Biafra is the right of the people of Biafra living across the Niger.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters 


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