13th September 2016

Buhari and his bunch of ill-trained security operatives called DSS will never cease to wash their dirty linen in the public as they embarked on yet another dance of shame in the name fighting IPOB and the Biafra restoration project.

In this article, I will try to bring back to the minds of our readers some of the ill planned and ill executed plots of the Buhari-led gang of oppressors aimed at undermining the Biafra restoration project since they made the mistake of arresting the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

The first proof of the idiosyncrasy of the DSS which they showcased to the world was the arraignment of Nnamdi Kanu in court without knowing the offense for which he was arrested or to charge him with. The DSS started fidgetting from belonging to an unlawful society to a terrorism charge, and then graduated to treason. 

One would wonder if this man is wanted by the government and subsequently arrested, how come the DSS, the highest Nigerian security outfit do not or could not make up their mind on which offense to charge him with. That marked the genesis of their show of shame.

It is one thing to charge Nnamdi Kanu with terrorism, while it is another to prove it. The second trial judge that discharged Kanu had this to say to the prosecuting counsel..."next time you bring a real terrorist and not a human rights crusader who is talking on a radio". How else could the DSS be disgraced in a law court? Telling the DSS that they can't distinguish between a terrorist and a radio announcer is the height of humiliation.

But instead of the DSS and their illiterate guide to shamefully bow out of the case, they went ahead to trump up a treason charge against the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu. This charge is like a frog attempting to swallow a snake which tail must protrude from its mouth. It's either it vomits the snake or dies in the process.

The lion attempting to kill the porcupine risks its life because the spikes must pierce the lion's heart. Here, the IPOB and its leader Nnamdi Kanu is the porcupine. It is indeed a suicide mission for the Nigerian government to try to stop the emergence of Biafra.

Now the issue is not charging Nnamdi Kanu with treason, it's all about proving the charge in the law court. Treason, the whole world over, is the offense of trying to overthrow the government of a country with the intention of taking it over. Such offense can never be committed by a single individual, but here in Nigeria, Nnamdi Kanu alone is standing a treason charge.

Because this is a trumped up charge, it is now like a frog attempting to swallow a snake. Nigeria has failed to prove its case. So in an attempt to forge a proof, Buhari, and his DSS  is trying to twist the Nigerian constitution by invoking the French legal system where a witness would appear in a court with a mask to testify. 

If there was an act of treason at all would the Nigerian government be deficient in evidence to prove its case to the extent a masquerade has to be involved in substantiating a case as huge as treason? As it appears now, there is not going to be a proof of a case of treason against Nnamdi Kanu.

This being the case, Buhari and his bunch of unintelligent ill-trained security officers in the DSS have since initiated other strategies in other to subvert the Biafra restoration effort. They reasoned that by bribing the gullible gluttonous Ohaneze Ndi Igbo with money, they will help them to sabotage and derail the efforts of the IPOB.

These clowns called Ohaneze, in other to justify their pay came up with the claim that Nnamdi Kanu is not the leader of IPOB. These old defocused fools who have no place in the scheme of things in Biafra land than to group themselves up to go to Abuja to beg for crumbs falling off the dining tables in Aso rock claimed that Dozie Ikedife, the old fool who cannot see beyond his nose is the leader, and they got what the asked for from IPOB worldwide. Now they are deaf and dumb.

They were disgraced out of any relevance they ever had and Buhari saw that his pay yielded no fruit and regretted. But did he learn any lesson? The dullard of Daura and his Daura brother, leader of DSS yet has to solicit the help of a known criminal and terrorist in Kuje prison, Charles Okah of the defunct MEND [Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta] to help them destabilize IPOB.

MEND and their incarcerated leader Okah alias Gbombo Jombo generated the falsehood of the century, a claim that Nnamdi Kanu, has agreed to renounce Biafra. This plot was vigorously and grossly rebuffed and debunked by Kanu himself and IPOB leadership. This led to a total media war which silenced MEND and their hopeless propaganda.

Because Muhammadu Buhari and his brainless planless and most stupid security outfit in the world, the DSS lack the ability to stop for a while and think, they failed to realise that they lack the ability to stop the divinely ordained restoration of Biafra; and for that, they always fall prey to any feeble and lacklustre suggestions from fools. They are not yet done. 

With MEND as the spokesman and mouthpiece of Buhari and his DSS, they needed a corrupt media outfit to dish out their lies to the gullible Nigerian audience. For this purpose, Vanguard newspaper comes handy. With a corrupt and criminal chairman, like Sam Amuka and his chief editor..... [who helped him cover up the case of the ritual murder of a 14 years boy which he Sam Amuka and his wife .... committed] MEND is good to go.

Vanguard in conjunction with MEND planned and created splinter groups with name IPOB attached to it. The first is the non-existent "page of the newspaper" group called TRIPOB, who claimed that they have sacked the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu [as if they made him the leader]. Later other splinter groups were manufactured on the pages of Vanguard "Vagabond" newspaper. Like the REIPOB and "whateverPOB" they can come up with.

It is really unfathomable to note that Muhammadu Buhari and his DSS are so gullible to believe that MEND is the instrument they would use to stop Biafra restoration. This goes to show how low and mentally immature all of them put together have proved to be. It also goes a long way to prove that Nigeria government lacks what it takes to stop Biafra restoration as this is a legitimate cause and supported by all known human right laws both locally and internationally.

It is very disheartening that Nigeria government in their bid to frustrate the Biafra restoration effort has soiled their hands in all forms of illegalities. Because the Biafra course is a legitimate one, Buhari and his bunch of lawless security outfit cannot find any legitimate way to stop Biafra agitation other than embarking in all forms of criminality and terrorism.

It is this bid that made Buhari order his armed forces to open fire, with live ammunition,  on unarmed protesters in Biafra land, including the massacre of innocent Biafrans on the 30th of May, 2016 inside a church and even on a prayer ground in Aba. Good to note here that Amnesty report actually indicted Buhari and his  police and army chiefs in the 30th May 2016 massacre of Biafrans at Nkpo, Anambra State.

You might by now be thinking that we are done with Buhari and his DSS dance of shame bid to derail Biafra restoration. No, we are not. There is now an audio compact disc playing a recorded message claiming that he is Kanu and that he is speaking from Kuje prison.... What an irony. 

What baffles me and my readers is how Buhari and his DSS think. Do they thing that they are talking to dullards in Daura? How could any right thinking person think that Nnamdi Kanu will have the freedom to make an audio cd in prison and have it reproduced for circulation? 

When Nnamdi Kanu sacked some of his lawyers for disloyalty and misrepresentation, did he record it on a cd plate? When he debunked the claim by MEND, did he record it on the cd?
Now the whole world has seen the nakedness of Buhari and his DSS and the level of corruption they are made of that they will never fail to justify David Cameron of Britain when he said that "Nigeria is fantastically corrupt"  and the leadership is extremely irredeemably corrupt.

We thank our worldwide audience and the entire Nigeria audience who have made Radio Biafra and Biafra Times and Herald, and of course, the Biafran Telegraph their call point for the truth, because they are quite aware that Nigeria media is so devious and corrupt that no truth can emanate from them. So we urge all of them to ignore and disregard the said audio cd message. It never emanated from the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB Nnamdi Kanu.



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