By Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 13 2016

We have really given this FG hoax faction a chance to live before we kill it, that I term a perfect blow, and I feel we have done so much in exposing the truth and the world now know the truth. The FG, her agents, her publicity tool and MEND will be ruing somehow that they have failed with their hoax TRIPOB, REIPOB and others and it is very crucial that we put this hoax to rest because the more we talk about it when everybody have denied involvement is the more we waste time on FG’s failed strategy. It is said that no publicity is a bad one but the gallant Biafran journalists really gave FG a smelling publicity. 

  • The people of the world have come to the reality that there is no group except a hoax managed by FG through Vanguard media. We have done much to make sure a lie is countered but lingering on it might not be essential. The funeral of the ‘faction’ strategy is over and more might be coming, let us save our strength for their worst.
When the news of REIPOB was floated by Vanguard news, it has no basis or whatsoever, there is no identity and neither was anybody shown to the world. The group only existed on the pages of the news paper and used the unprofessionalism or complacency or involvement of Vanguard to wax or live. This was a clear indication of the frustration the FG was into and having made it clear that IPOB is intact and the faction non-existing; it is therefore imperative to put the issue to rest. There is no faction in IPOB because nobody has said he is a faction or he is responsible for any group. The world have not seen any group or neither has any faction been unveiled; this whole thing is a hoax and non-existing; should we not rather put this issue to rest?
This hoax faction or non-existing faction has gone on to mention series of names, with Wole Soyinka and Jerry Gana, who are respectively Yoruba and Hausa standing for Biafra; this however gives credence to the fact that Buhari is trying his possible best to fight IPOB and it should be understandable and more of the reason to put this hoax to rest. While the group succeeded in mentioning names of certain Biafrans, those their names were mentioned stood and warned that their names should never be mentioned again because Vanguard mentioning names of people for the FG or the said REIPOB etc is not on ground or did not have any group or met anybody. 

They are only whipping up names and trying to get attention and in the end make use of the attention they have. Up till date, nobody knows who gives Vanguard press statement and except Henry Okah that was mentioned, nobody knows again who is REIPOB or anything about any faction. So can we please put this faction to rest because there is nothing like REIPOB or TRIPOB and all other names whipped up by Vanguard?
Henry Okah was quick to claim acceptance as the leader of the group while the other leaders mentioned warned that they are not aware of any existing group and have not had any contact with anybody over establishment of faction or new groups. It was very clear that when Henry OKah allowed Vanguard to write about him and his acceptance; the whole TRIPOB and REIPOB was the handiwork of MEND. 

If MEND has shifted its ground after battling Niger Delta Avengers with same strategy; they believed that battling Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB with same strategy will work. But they have failed woefully because the people of Biafra have shown a magnitude of tenacity and determination. They have shown that unity is paramount to them and having understood this, nobody can be bought with money or gold.
There is every reason to agree with me that FG is trying to lay their hands on anything like a man being drowned and TRIPOB and REIPOB is one of the thing they could hold and when they held the thing which has given them a little time before being finally drowned; they are now trying to feed off from our curiosity. I cannot apprehend the rationale behind this continued mentioning of a name of a group that is not in existence and giving it unnecessary attention. 

A group nobody knows its tale or head, a group being managed by Henry Okah to be a faction? I cannot just comprehend and hence I ask what is left for us to put this group to rest? They are not in existence and cannot exist, has MEND left its name to be addressed by REIPOB and TRIPOB. Will Henry Okah get the freedom he is looking for with acceptance of the Vanguard’s report? IPOB is not a terrorist organization or a body but a people and Henry Okah who is a terrorist to have been propelled by FG as the leaded of their hoax is a serious case for the head.

  • FG through Vanguard mentioned names of people and the leadership of TRIPOB and REIPOB but the leaders mentioned denied any involvement and publicly reiterated that IPOB is one and that they are not aware of any group and warned that FG through Vanguard should stop mentioning their names. 

Is this not enough to put this hoax to rest; when their said leadership declined and denied, why still mention REIPOB and TRIPOB? It is high time we stopped giving attention to this REIPOB and TRIPOB of a thing because it has come and gone and did not work as planned. If Ikedife the most likely saboteur of Biafra restoration project denied REIPOB and TRIPOB, why is this group still being mentioned, why not put it to rest? Had Emma Powerful the group said is now their factional leader and Emma Mmezu not pleaded to Nnamdi Kanu by washing off their hands, there would have been need for an issue.
The whole people mentioned by TRIPOB and REIPOB have openly declared their loyalty to Nnamdi Kanu and urged that there is nothing like faction in IPOB. The names as mentioned by the hoax faction and denied by the people mentioned killed the hoax that it deserves to be put to rest. I finally urge the people of the world and entire Biafrans to put this issue to rest. There is no saboteur anywhere and there is no faction anywhere. 

The whole thing about TRIPOB and REIPOB is becoming childish that a man mentioning the names or calling them saboteur is simply a kid without IQ. Emma powerful was mentioned as the factional spokesman and he denied and pledged allegiance to Nnamdi Kanu. Emma Mmezu was mentioned as the factional group and he laughed and pledges allegiance to Nnamdi Kanu. Ikedife was mentioned as the leader and he denied and warned never for his name to be mentioned. Other people are mentioned and they warn Vanguard to stop mentioning their names; the whole thing is becoming childish and is due to be put to rest. Game over!

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters 



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