Buhari and his forged WAEC certificate 

By Emma Nnaji
September 29th, 2016

The most outstanding and shameful attribute of Buhari's lack of education is his inability to understand the equality of everyone before the law and to uphold the law he swore to. His poor condition originates from his illiteracy on how a civil society operates to guarantee peace, justice, equity and prosperity. 

In one of Buhari's disgraceful trip, as usual, during a media event in New York City, in just concluded 71th United Nations' General Assembly. He stated there wouldn't be a referendum for Biafra as if he is the person to determine not constitution if referendum will hold or not. That was an ignorant and disgraceful comment. 

It's well known that Buhari does not possess minimum educational qualification(West African Examination counsel-WAEC) to contest in 2015 Nigerian presidential election, but he forcefully remains in the contest using intimidation and violent to assure his candidacy. 

The only act that hits fears in the heart of people was his control of a vast number of violent northern Nigerian Muslim youths that were ready to slaughter people at a single command of Buhari like he did in 2011 when he couldn't snatch power after the election.

For this reason, many of his opponents succumb.  Many people were afraid to ask the question about the certificate, those that file suit demanding his disqualification later dropped the charges for fear of attacks from his thugs. 

With all his killer squads not limited to ordinary Almajiris(street urchins) in the street, also at his disposal is vast pro-Islamic Jihad militia who believes in his violent spread of Islam, the rule of law and obedient to the Constitution become subservient to him.

Many people have described Buhari's action and attribute his dictatorship to lack of understanding of how govt operate in contemporary society especially in democratic govt. 

May I at this point acknowledge Mr Chibudo brilliant post on his Facebook page on 29th Sept 2016. He described Buhari as the worst illiterate president:

1. A man who thinks that self-determination is treasonable felony. 

2. He believes that cows have freedom of movement to go anywhere they like but not human beings.

3. His understanding of democracy is that once you are elected president you no longer obey the law.

4. He believes that court orders are to be obeyed ONLY when the verdict is in his favour.

5. Corruption means seeing what wrong others have done but not the ones he did at PTF or that of his wife at Halliburton or their Islamic associates at EFCC like Ibrahim Lamorde.

6. Rule of Law to him means Rules of Engagement; he doesn't know the difference between the two.

7. He thinks that Foreign Policy success is when you shake hands with Obama and have your photographs taken with world leaders.

8. To him, a civilian is somebody who must obey a military man carrying a gun.

9. Right to Peaceful Assembly advocates and street protest is the work of those who are undisciplined and must be killed.

10. Fulani terrorists (herdsmen) deserve police protection and should not be arrested or prosecuted, but innocent villagers who are their victims should be made to face the full might of the law.

11. Cabinet is a village council where only your kin are appointed to.

At IPOB we are good at putting common sense into people so Buhari we have to start from the beginning to educate you because you are a disgrace to the office of the president.

To conclude there is no way anything will improve under Buhari and Sokoto caliphate whose agenda is to dominate everyone, that is reason IPOB will not relent in this campaign to disentangle the people of Biafra from the hand of the killer of our dreams, talents, culture, religion and identity. 

Editor/Publisher: EmmaNnaji
For Biafra Reporters



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