By Ifeanyi Chijioke
August 31 2016

I have asked and made several calls and the calls I made I wish to put forward to you; “Please I called to know if Uchemefor left IPOB and opened a faction?” I was not only laughed off but was made a fool for ever asking such question. Then I advanced and called another “Did Asiegbu breakaway and formed a new IPOB?” I got the same treatment and I had to respect myself and quit. While I was still scrolling down my Facebook page; I had a notification that IPOB has released a press statement; I was actually relieved, waiting to hear the name of the IPOB executive or member that left and formed a faction, but I didn’t hear anything; not only is IPOB not divided but nobody was aware of such thought and neither is there any form of issue in IPOB. I finally took time to ask myself “Who divided IPOB” or “Who is behind the fake faction news”. In reality, there is no division and neither is there existing faction; the faction exists on Vanguard news platform and other Nigerian media platforms and hopefully on the script of Buhari. They are relentless and determined to fight IPOB; but seriously if they believe their faction; why still holding Nnamdi Kanu. “We hereby release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu because the people have divided and can no longer stand with him” that is the only way to trust them.
I am really confused and can’t grasp the level of unprofessionalism in the Nigerian media; a press release came to them that a nation or region has been divided into two and you never got the response of the people of the region. All they did was to float the news without noting that when IPOB was contacted; IPOB was not aware of any sort of division. For the first time in history, the impossible is becoming possible only in Nigeria; where a people can be said to be divided. Was IPOB divided into Northern IPOB and Southern IPOB? I know what is going on and this is simply to arouse your thought and pave way to easily understand that the ‘Division News’ is the next attack on IPOB. Recall that Buhari firstly came with military and when the people overcame his Army with wisdom; he started secret arrest and execution and presently; kidnapping is the latest coupled with this ‘breakaway’ news.
There is increasing pressure from the world which as a result of sympathy and what Biafrans are going through in the hands of the government of Nigeria. Who would not sympathize with a people that have no gun but are being shut and arrested? Who would not have sympathy for a man arrested for simply asking Nigeria to give him freedom? While there is nothing left for Nigeria to convince the world with; they have come up with the breakaway plan to present IPOB in bad light. Have they not been presenting IPOB in a bad light and the people making sure the true light shines brighter. This is now a media war, they have moved on from stooge system and the final phase of the war is now character assassination. Once IPOB is presented as a divided people; Buhari can tell the World that these people are not united and cannot be trusted with giving a nation and for that Biafra will not be restored. While there is possibility that they might have bought few persons; it is clear to state that Buhari is relentless in effort to destabilize IPOB.
What Nigerian government failed to understand is the preparedness of Biafra under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu. While Nigeria thinks they control media; Nnamdi Kanu knew the importance of media to have stood it firmly for this battle. Floating any kind of news with their media and thinking the people of the world would accept any rubbish becomes foolishness. IPOB doesn’t need any Media to spread truth as it has its own media and this is more of the reason Nigerian media must reconsider its reputation. I was once mailed in response to the breakaway news that hopes it is one of those Nigerian media garbage and with IPOB media; everybody can see how fruitless the breakaway news is. We must admit that IPOB is well formed and prepared for the war in any way Buhari wants it; let us kindly sheath swords and embrace solution which will always remain referendum. We are aware that there is nothing like breakaway and neither can there be any breakaway because God determined that we restore Biafra.

The last time I checked; there is no breakaway in IPOB and neither is any coordinator aggrieved; I am only aware of a cart away; Ikechukwu carted away in a DSS truck, kidnapped!. Who exactly divided IPOB? Maybe Buhari is forcing breakaway on the people of Biafra or the breakaway was to market newspaper as usual. I am yet to know who divided IPOB because IPOB I know is not divided and until we are able to be told the coordinators or executive that broke away; Buhari must stop anchoring on lies when Biafra agitation is a serious issue. What has deceit or dishonesty solved permanently? No matter how much we might hide from reality; we shall eventually embrace referendum which is the only solution to Biafra agitation.
While Nigerian government is floating the news of breakaway IPOB; Radio Biafra is still on a high spirit; her news website still buzzing and the people of Biafra still clamouring for their independence. While there is a breakaway strategy from Nigeria; IPOB is still demanding same thing and functioning without any crack. It is highly irrelevant giving the breakaway news attention but if one allows lie without countering it; it might turn truth to the world. If Nigeria believes that fighting IPOB on the pages of its newspaper will stop Biafra agitation and save the sinking country; then there is need to conclude that this country has lost focus and everything needed to be called a country.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters 


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