By Ifeanyi Chijioke
August 27 2016

I will only appreciate Amnesty International for being grounded and making moves to investigate and report the few they can. They are showing why they are the leading human right institution, and to have given attention to Biafra shows there is gross violation or denial of human rights in that part of the world. I need not tell the world once more about this unending massacre of unarmed and defenceless Biafrans, continued disappearance, incarceration which Nnamdi Kanu epitomises and torture. 

The leader of Indigenous people of Biafra has been detained notwithstanding the orders from competent courts of jurisdiction that released him; Buhari opted to wield his powers excessively and have extended that in other areas like secret ISIS kind of execution of the people of Biafra. As reported by Amnesty International; Biafrans are now being shot and whisked away by the Nigerian government. This report by Amnesty International is not the first, and neither is it the last, while they cannot report everything, it is imperative it forms the basis of buttress or understanding of the outcry from the people of Biafra over the secret genocide going on in Biafra. 

While Amnesty International was raising alarm over the Biafran shot and whisked away by Nigerian government in Aba, Abia state; they have kidnapped another five Biafrans who were released a few days ago by a competent court of jurisdiction. While I cannot confirm if they were executed like the one reported by Amnesty International; I can confirm that they were kidnapped at gunpoint according to the two female witnesses that were alighted before carting away with the kidnapped Abia State coordinator of IPOB and four others. There is no practical end to this inhumanity hence the agitation for Biafra is only gaining momentum at each dawn. The screaming and the reports by leading International human rights institution is for the relevant authorities of the world to take action, but sadly, the people of Biafra are left to be extinguished.

 In Biafra, kidnapping, murder, unlawful incarceration, genocide among many other inhuman acts is being perpetrated on the people. The attack which started in August 2015 but got momentum in October after the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu was arrested has shown no sign of relenting. 

The Nigerian state seems to be waiting for compulsion before it can soften its policies and lawfully respond to the call for an independent State of Biafra. There is a belief that UN who in 2007 made a declaration on the rights of Indigenous People has done little to consider the safety of Indigenous People as contained in the articles. While Nnamdi Kanu is the epitome of failed declaration; it is, therefore, imperative that human right is placed above the declaration to trigger the freedom of a political prisoner who is the anchor of the injustices and inhuman acts on the people of Biafra.

 Openly kidnapped Biafrans are incarcerated and tortured; given all sorts of prohibited treatment and made to face immense dehumanisation for peacefully and lawfully agitating for Sovereign reign State of Biafra while secretly kidnapped Biafrans are immediately executed. While this human right institution is complaining or reporting; more damning developments are coming up. Hell seemed to have let loosed on the people of Biafra, and this goes beyond political view. There is genocide going on in Biafra, and this is fueled by religious sentiment and tribal differences. The men of the Nigerian forces who are mainly Hausa and Muslim have taken control of everything in Biafra land. Indeed a people once faced with extermination are on the verge of it once more.

This kidnapping and execution of a free, peaceful and law-abiding people of Biafra are becoming an addiction that must be stopped. The people of Biafra have finally become a species of terror and under continued genocide because they share difference belief, value system and culture. The world must stand and defend Biafra because it has become impossible to spare their lives as their ordeal transcends beyond political view but religious and tribal views. The people of Biafra have never raised a stick, nor a stone in defence of their lives and this further should propel the move for action to save human life in that part of the world.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters 


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