By Steve Chimkata
August 31st, 2016

Biafrans are more determined than ever to achieve the ever dreamed freedom despite Buhari and his allies Tyranny, humiliation, Injustice, killings and incarceration of those at the forefront of this movement channel toward the restoration of the glory of the beautiful land of Biafra lead by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 

In retrospect, the war of extermination organised by British/Nigeria which Buhari actively participated, he has not back down from his murderous tendencies. He believes as long as he lives the blood of innocent Biafrans should never stop to wet the ground, but this time; the situation has changed, his doom is imminent.  

We can count without a pause, the number of our notable men and women who have been killed, raped and dehumanized in various forms yet Biafra restoration movement continue to wax strong. Is not a clear indication that the end has come for Buhari and Nigeria?. 
Nigeria has expired according to the history of events that put it in place so whatever decision to maintain it is accursed. 

Nigeria wished to eat up Biafra like coconut and threw off the chaff but each time they attempt they fail. Buhari determined never to let Biafra gain her freedom but having heard the tempo of the Biafra music of exit from Nigeria; he has ventured into a fruitless search for oil and other resources in the north. The question remains, if Buhari finds the oil, what happens next? 

Biafra should know that Buhari does not mean well for them. Biafraland remains the backbone of Nigeria reason they won't let go the cash machine, but the antagonist won't stop Biafrans.     

Biafrans should get it right that the tempo has increased over Biafra restoration. If you haven't given your support, this is the right time. Join hands let us restore our ancient glory to detach our self from the deception known as Nigeria.

I urge all Biafra to join this call to unmask the monsters within Biafra land, join to say no to all the killings and torture, join in lifting up Biafran flag once again. 

The tempo has changed, how about our dancing step should it not change?       

Steve Chimkata writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: EmmaNnaji
For Biafra Reporters



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