The Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria has said that members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, the largest Shi’ite sect in country, indicted in the December 2015 clash with the Nigerian Army in Zaria should be punished.

The Sharia Council which made the call in a communiqué issued after a meeting in Kaduna on Sunday, August 7, 2016 said the indicted Shi’ites must be made to face the full wrath of the law for their deeds in the clash.

The call for the punishment of the indicted members of the IMN, according to Sheikh Yusuf Rigachikun, who read out the communiqué, is because Shi’ism is not Islam.

Rigachikun said from the series of lectures by Muslim scholars, it was obvious that “Shi’ism is not Islam” and that Muslims should acquire the knowledge of their religion, “so that they are not derailed.”

He noted that their action against the army was un-Islamic as such; they must pay for their action in accordance with the law of the land.

He argued that even before the report of the panel of inquiry that looked into the clash, the Islamic sect had shown much signs of guilt citing the IMN’s boycott of the commission of inquiry as an indication of guilt.
”From the delivered lectures, it has become obvious that Shi’ism is not Islam and Muslims should acquire the knowledge of their religion, so that they are not derailed from the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW),” the communique read.

“Muslims should also respect and revere all the companions of the Prophet (SAW), and should protect their reputation.”

The council also called on the government to release the White Paper on the crisis saying, “This will go a long way in curbing the menace of Shi’a in our society.”

The council also condemned the Christian Association of Nigeria for a recent call allegedly made by its northern branch to its members to defend themselves against assault from Muslims.

Rigachikun described as un-Christian calls by Christian leaders to urge their members to carry arms against their Muslim counterparts in the face of any crisis.

According to him, “It’s unbecoming of a body of clergymen to make such unguarded call.”

“The council condemned in strongest terms the call by the Christian Association of Nigeria to its members to take up arms to protect themselves.” He said.

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