Niger Delta Avengers

 By Ifeanyi Chijioke
August 29 2016

Militants who confided in Ifeanyi Chijioke have taken their time to disclose the real reason why the Niger Delta Republic was not declared after several moves. They have ruled out pleas by elders as the reason behind the halt. 

Speaking to Ifeanyi Chijioke; they made it clear that not everything they are doing should be explained to the public but due to the opposition posed by this writer; they have decided to clear the air and avoid unnecessary panic among the people whom they fight for. “

The ‘people’ is our priority; what our people want is what we shall fight for. We have made it very clear that the days of MEND are gone; you can only come into this struggle for one singular purpose-giving our people hope and fighting to set them free from oil pollution, suffering and all manner of injustices. We also owe the people the clarification because this is their battle even though sometimes it must not be an official explanation and this is why we have somebody like you-Journalists” a male voice who identified himself as ‘Creek smallie’ said in a phone chat.

Asked if he is speaking officially for any group, he responded. “I am telling you what you need to know because you people always want to know. Official or no official, your primary concern should be truth and sometimes you shouldn’t expect us to tell you everything because there are certain things we don’t want you to know. If you are more concerned about official, then I will drop your call, and you look for the official. 

Between knowledge anchored on truth and formal; which one do you prefer?”  He asked with a commanding voice which made me succumb. “Don’t ask me, group, I am from, everybody fighting for the future of our people is my group except criminals who call themselves ex-militants. What is ex-militants while your men are still suffering, offenders and saboteurs that fought for their pockets and enrichment? They can’t decline offers NDA rejected, neither can they decline that made to CML and the rest of us that persisted on this fight to save our people” he digressed.

The Niger Delta Republic declaration is very dangerous, and that would be a basis for full arm struggle, and everybody that wishes to fight for his freedom for our people can freely join. We are far-reaching about this, and this will be bloody; we are ready and set for the worst unless the needful is done to avert this looming war. Biafra forbids violence and for that civil approach Nnamdi Kanu was arrested and detained. 

The Niger Delta Republic is a right balance to fight in our way because declaring Biafra as you all wanted will amount to dishonour by its peaceful nature. If Biafra is declared today as it was declared in 1967; we would not only fight for our nation, but we would correct the mistake we made by listening to Northern bigots and assisted them killed our brothers. We have moved on, and truth has been laid bare; we are jubilant about everything that had happened and Kanu’s arrest, and continued detention has taught us a lot.”

Recall that this writer had strongly predicted that the Biafra second civil war would start from the creeks like a little violence that would later get blown. Reacting to the possibility of another civil war, the militants said “Civil war is what is stopping this declaration; we don’t want to make an announcement without general support; the entire Biafra-Southsouth and Southeast must somehow admit to this because it would be bloody and this is their fight. 

We would stand the Nigerian troops in this creek and would take down anything in the air and on the ground. What is stopping the Niger Delta Declaration is the view we all hold and the readiness to back the idea. One thing is this declaration is for us alone; we want to declare and have a basis for this struggle even though you might not love the name we are declaring. 

Do we have right to say the Biafra Republic when it is peaceful and globally managed by our people? The Niger Delta Republic is owned by nobody but our foundation for this struggle and to indirectly fight for what you mainly want from us. We are Niger Deltans, and we have our way of agitating, and this is why the Niger Delta Republic must be declared. Our brothers can take advantage of this for the restoration of Biafra” he noted.
There seems to be indecision on the declaration attempts with NDA recently withdrawing after posting that the statement will surely be made. Interferences cannot be ruled out and while we are considering that; it could be as well a threat to enforce the implementation of their demands, and we are all aware that unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu, restructure and referendum top the list. 

Reacting to this, Smallie said “Interference or not; we are talking about declaration that would finally set the pace for all out war; which should be coming as the last option; there is delay or interference because there were arguments that Buhari will meet demands and should be considered, but he is wasting our time. 

This declaration is our last card, and we believe that the Government will not allow us to play it because we will win. Restructure means to release Nnamdi Kanu and decentralise; that is where we stand; release Kanu and restructure or referendum” he said.

Now nobody is talking about the Niger Delta Republic, the house of our various states did a historic meeting that marked our unity; Opigo was behind the name you want. Only militants now own the Niger Delta Republic and it would do a lot of wonders. Biafra cannot match our operation, declaring the Niger Delta Republic would restore Biafra and the Niger Delta Republic gives us the ground to fight. 

The wise would not need further details, but one thing sure is the Niger Delta Republic will be declared if conditions are not met. We are relaxing now and very calm; we are watching and listening; let us see how the agitation is addressed for now. 

We want the whole world to hear and see again that Nigeria can never be sincere in anything. They are only after our oil while we die of hunger and by oil pollution; we shall not die again but fight and deliver our people.”

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters 


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