By Ifeanyi Chijioke
August 26 2016

I am writing this letter out of sheer provocation, but that will not stop my uprightness in an effort bluntly to remind the murderer of my parents and siblings the anger that still runs in my vein and the need for him to close his murderous mouth while issues concerning Biafra are addressed. This is a genocide that starved over 1.5 million innocent children and terminated a total of 5 million lives God created and up till date; he couldn’t create a half life, but he boldly destroyed 5million. Previously, I have read where Yakubu Gowon preached the need for Biafra to be dropped and his aide has engaged certain close friends in argument and maintained that Yakubu Gowon would keep fighting for Nigeria despite what Biafrans see him as. I found it very disturbing that this murderer is still alive even though God said he gives a sinner longer life to enable him to repent for it shall not profit him a thing for one soul to go to hell.

The greatest deceit I have ever imagined is after killing and starving innocent children, the man in question without asking for forgiveness and staying put to be forgiven goes back and picks Bible to pray with hope or belief that he is now a holy man. Gowon has maintained that he would further kill more Biafrans because his master Britain covered him and thus went scot-free. Having evaded justice, he is ready to try once more but before then, it would be wise he prays that God remembers him not. With a hand soaked in blood, he lifts a holy book and opens his filthy mouth to address a group identified as prayer warriors. Have old things passed away and behold a new beginning? Gowon is now new and forgiven, and he is a saint.

While the murderer is profaning everything scared by lifting his murderous voice that commanded the extermination of the children of God and sponsoring untutored prayer warriors praying for the sustenance of the evil that pushed him to murder over 5million men and women created by God. He should be reminded that there are fundamental things to do before claiming to be in the presence of God or having God at heart. While he has not duly met Biafrans and pleaded for his atrocities and parading himself as a repented man of God makes the whole thing an insult to the throne of God. He has to ask firstly for forgiveness, to be forgiven as a staunch murderer who takes after Hitler.

Let God not remember him for all his atrocities; let God not remember him for the children he starved to death. Let God not remember him for our mothers raped and our women taken as sex slaves and prisoners of war. Let God remember him not for the souls that never raised a standard against him that he murdered while he could not touch the feet of gallant Biafra soldiers. Let God not remember this murderer that heartlessly tried ethnic cleansing and leaving nothing alive. Gowon must not play with God and should be mindful of his steps to avoid opening his chapter in the spiritual realm.

I am very much spiritually connected that I question the sanity or conscience of this murderer that have remained stubborn to plead for forgiveness. He was shielded from justice by the government of UK, and he feels spiritually he is shielded. I have a simple message for you monster, let God not remember you, if Biafrans have not remembered you, I have solely remembered you and do it every night in tears. While you walk about praying for the sustenance of the evil that triggered the murder of 5million Biafrans; nothing seems to have touched you and neither are you remorseful of your role; you unkind Lucifer.

You have been praying since for God knows how many years for the sustenance of your blood sucking British establishment you stood with over 5million heads and 1.5 million children you starved. As spiritually blind as you are; you couldn’t hear the voice or see the handwriting on the wall. 103 years after the creation- Nigeria by Lugard; a former head of state termed it a baby that has not learnt how to squat let alone crawl. The inhabitants are dying with hunger and cannot boast with two hours power; there is no road, and neither is there any form of improvement. You still boldly rant that God will turn things around as if there was a time things were normal. A murderer has no place in heaven, and a particular part in hell meant for that killer that never asked for forgiveness.

As the case maybe; this letter as I said from the beginning is a product of provocation and the need for you to rethink and go back to your root. Take your time off and think once more about the children you murdered; those you made orphans, mothers you've done widows and fathers you've done widowers. You have caused immeasurable pain to humanity and today before your very eyes; you watch your commander murder the next generation of those you murdered and instead of caution the man on top; you instead set up prayer warriors to keep praying for the sustenance of the status quo so your commanders can keep killing them. May you never be forgiven and may hell be a significant part of your reward. While you organise reckless prayers in the name of God; I compel you to go into your closet and ask God to show you his face. Hypocrite!

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters 


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