Uju Onwudiwe with Family Writers.
25 August 2016.
By Ifeanyi Chijioke.

You have to halt that farm settlement bill” that was my direct opinion when I called Ujunwa Onwudiwe after disturbances from the people to use my column and stop her.
“No, Chijioke, you must convince me to stop it, give me reasons I have to stop it and if they make sense, I will stop it” she confidently replied like she already knew I can’t win any argument regarding the bill. I was quiet over the phone for a while and she said “Dear, there is no grazing bill in Imo state” I dropped the call and felt helpless.

I am a great fan of reason; you can get me down only when you debate me and win; I will humble myself and admit superior argument no matter how odd I may find it. The issue of grazing bill in Imo state previously overshadowed the media; while people were already relocating to other states, shouting that Imo state will be the first state to be Islamized, I decided to look into the said grazing bill on the floor of Imo state House of Assembly. “Ifeanyi Chijioke; please you have to help us, Rochas Okorocha is using Ujunwa Onwudiwe to implement grazing bill in Imo state. Please write and tell the world, meet people you can and save our lives. This is a SOS call to you; please tell Nnamdi Kanu in Kuje prison, tell Uchemefor and tell Asiegbu or Omiomio” a stranger from Imo state mailed me and dropped his number for further information.

Before then, call campaign to stop Uju Onwudiwe had commenced and few weeks later I was contacted. I had just been mandated to investigate the alleged grazing bill in Imo state, coupled with the SOS mail; I admitted the duty and decided to meet the Honourable member. I had told my team’s national investigator to schedule a meeting with her and despite the idea of hostility; we surmounted it and scheduled the meeting. The scheduled date came and gone; my team could not meet her because we had other journal trips and I directed the team’s national investigator to call her again and reschedule the following day. It succeeded and I was going to officially go to Imo state for the first time; the fear of Rochas Okorocha never left my mind but I was convinced even though Uju is in same party with him, they might not be sharing the same opinion towards Biafra.

Then while we consciously waited for her at the venue; hoping to see the woman in question, the one making way for Islamization of her people; I regretted that she came from Enugu state because I love that state so much. Now married in Imo state, I see no reason for her to sponsor grazing bill, could she be that heartless to the people that welcomed her? As I was still in engagement with my mind; I looked up and saw a soft decorated mother. Very simple and not that costly; unique with her traditionally sown attire; she represented a core Biafran woman. I wondered once more how such a lovely mother could sponsor a grazing bill that will give Fulani herdsmen chance to murder us and take over us. She looks intelligent and with the tune of her voice and organized grammar; she is quite intelligent and she ought to know a little about history; how Fulani conquered Hausas, was it not through a sort of grazing bill?

We came to know about the grazing bill in Imo state, we are investigative journalists” I introduced and without mincing words, she replied
 “Sorry, there is no grazing bill in Imo state and there would never ever be a grazing bill from me” she replied.

I was quite satisfied and for at least denying the allegation was enough to tell me she has respect for the people. I kindly opened my PC and turned on my data, it took just few seconds to Google news from Vanguard which said grazing bill finally passed in Imo state. I vividly read out the news and she patiently listened and upon the last word; I looked up to her and she was already on the defense.

There is no grazing bill in Imo and if there is, I am not a party to that, neither has any bill been passed. I have a farm settlement bill and I am willing to defend and prove to my people that there is nothing like grazing bill there. My people should come to me let us deliberate because I have an opportunity to make history and I won’t let it slip away. I won’t let fear of grazing bill kill this dream I have to make our people independent; if anybody knows what should be removed or added to protect this bill from hostile strangers, they should come and tell me and I will do it. If I don’t do it then let them know I have a sinister plan, I want to be the person behind the idea that our people can produce food. We cannot continue to rely on the Northern people to eat, we have to go back to farming because things are changing; this oil will soon be nothing and what else are we going to do. Our people are no longer interested in farming and this is why I am going for farm estate we can manage professionally”

I was unable to talk and there was really nothing to talk as she continues “I am aware that my people are afraid of this state because it is controlled by APC. I am aware that grazing bill is a serious issue and might kill any hope of farming. This is not about Hausa cow; we can breed our Igbo cow, talking about piggery, poultry and real time farming. Getting Tomatoes and everything we want; just imagine when the entire states in old Eastern region starts like us. What do you think will happen, will anybody tell us drink your oil let us eat our yam, will anybody say they cannot survive without us? See we have to start now and be independent pending whatsoever that will happen tomorrow; I am going to push this farm settlement bill and I will take the risk. Don’t I have something to lose if I bring grazing bill that will hurt my people? I have a lot and I stand the risk of losing, that is why there is no grazing bill with me but a way to make my people independent” she argued spontaneously.

We have to live above fear and we must not take because of death and forbid to fight, I know what grazing bill is all about and I know that my people don’t want grazing bill. Opposition and mischief makers are behind this smear campaign; they said Peter Obi gave me 50 million Naira but did you know I have never met Peter Obi if not reading him or as we all hear about him? So my brothers, I have no grazing bill and I will never sponsor grazing bill” she concluded and yet I could not oppose because she has said everything and answered my questions.

Finally, I will love to state clearly that I was defeated and my colleagues admitted as well; I could not oppose from any angle the farm settlement bill. I have been mailed severally by followers on what my submission or conclusion was regarding the investigation and here I answer the question.

I will also take this opportunity to remind Hon. Ujunwa Owudiwe that the people are still not relaxed over the bill simply because of the Governor in question that they believe propagates Hausa/Fulani agenda. I cannot oppose you any longer and I cannot argue over this farm settlement bill because you have a superior argument but that has not stopped the people from thinking that Imo state cannot be trusted. I believe that had this farm settlement bill started in Enugu or Delta, the people would have felt more relaxed. But hence it started from Imo, Rochas Okorocha is your bane and it is your duty to conquer the ‘smear’ campaign against your bill and make the people trust you.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke writers for Biafra Post.
Publisher: Akachukwu Udo.



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