From media reports, it is clear Commodore Joseph  Dzunve the Commanding officer NNS Delta has lost his sense of Professionalism, how are those innocent boys connected to NDA .  We don’t know Prince David and Felix Ebiador they are not part of us. All NDA operatives are intact. No security operative has arrested any of our members.

What the commanding office NNS delta commodore is doing is to please his boss that he is working. Must he connect innocent people to us? Very soon the general public will know the truth about Nigeria Military especially Nigeria Navy that specializes in illegal oil bunkering.
Stop arresting innocent people in the name of looking for NDA operatives. It’s obvious that Nigeria Navy is incapable of policing the Nigerian maritime space.  Even the Chief Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral, Ibok-Ete Ibas, made it clear while briefing the Senate that Nigeria Navy is unequipped to match the Niger Delta Avengers. So how can well-trained NDA Members bring themselves so low to be arrested by those criminal elements (Nigeria Navy)? They should follow the path of honor and morality by telling their Commander in Chief the truth instead of arresting innocent civil tagging them as nda operatives. The days of wire and battery are over we are far advance in gorilla warfare.

We are warning everybody for the last time stop associating Tomopolo to us. He is our enemy as the Nigeria government and those innocent boys paraded as NDA operatives are not part of us.

From intelligent gather by NDA agency, there are other people send out by Nigeria government to sabotage the genuine struggle of liberating the Niger Delta people. The government knows those people. The so-called saboteurs take part in pipeline bombing by using some members of defunct MEND.

With an open confession by the criminals that they are paid to saboteur the Niger Delta struggle. Yet, the DSS is shielding these fed criminals because they working against the interest of the Niger Delta people. The NDA have not shared any blood neither   partakes in sea piracy, Hostage taking that is not our style.

The government should heed to our demand of self-determination. Mr. President everybody is tired of this thing called Nigeria. The ship call Nigeria is grounded right now and you are so confuse. You lied to your foreign allies, your citizens on daily bases. Mr. President, you even lie to yourself.

Even if we are going to dialogue, it will be in the present of international community. 
God bless the people of the Niger Delta.

Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo



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