Former President, Goodluck Jonathan, has insisted that he handed over a Nigeria that was economically viable to his successor, President Muhammadu Buhari.
Jonathan’s remark follows accusation that he left a bad economy for his successor to inherit.

The Buhari-led Federal Government since assumption of power last year, has continued to accuse it’s predecessor of being responsible for the country’s current economic challenges.
But the former President, in his response to these criticisms, maintained that he handed over the best Nigerian government with the largest economy in Africa to Buhari.

In a statement he personally signed, Jonathan said, “I took over a Nigeria that was the second largest economy in Africa with a GDP of $270.5 billion in 2009, I handed over a Nigeria that had grown to become the largest economy in Africa and the 24th largest economy in the World, with a GDP of $574 billion.

“I inherited a Nigeria in which the trains were not working, and handed over a Nigeria in which citizens can safely travel by trains again.

“I inherited a Nigeria that was a net importer of cement, and handed over a Nigeria that is a net exporter of cement.
“In 2009, the richest Nigerian was the 5th richest man in Africa, but I handed over a Nigeria that produced the richest man in Africa.”

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