We will continue to bomb pipelines until oil companies vacate Niger Delta – New militant group warns

A new militant group, the Niger Delta Searchlight, NDS, has threatened to continue attacks on pipeline installations in the Niger Delta until oil companies vacate the region.
NDS in a statement by one General Igbede N. Igbede, on Monday, disclosed that not all pipeline attacks were carried out by Avengers but they have allowed the separatist group which it claimed is now “compromised” to take the glory.

The group swore that it will not be part of any negotiation with the Federal Government and its agents.
According to the group, “We will not recognise any ceasefire agreement and we are ready to sustain the struggle until all oil firms in Niger Delta abandon the region. The bombings and destruction of oil installations currently going on in Niger Delta will be nothing compared to what will come, if the Federal Government does not include recognised Niger Delta leaders in the current negotiations.

“It is not true that all the bombings are done by the Niger Delta Avengers, but we have allowed them to claim responsibility to allow for cohesion in the struggle. But it is obvious that they are compromised, especially given their choice of representatives.”

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