Muhammadu Buhari

A factional Chairman of the All Progressive Congress in Kano, Useni Mairiga on Tuesday described President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration as a total failure.

Mairiga, in a local radio station, monitored in Kano yesterday, said that Buhari has betrayed the confidence of the Nigerian masses, who voted him into power.

He said, ”Following unfolding developments, President Buhari has betrayed the confidence of the Nigerian masses, who voted for him massively into power.”

 In a chat with newsmen in Kano, Mairiga stated that it is not an exaggeration that members of many households in the country proceed to bed, without at least one square meal, while some others flee their homes, following their inability to put food on the table of their loved ones.

The factional leader expressed worry that after one year of the Buhari-led administration in power, poverty level in the country has assumed an unprecedented dimension.

He specifically lamented the situation where those around the President fail to tell him the truth and advise him on the present day realities.

The factional leader advised the President to stop deceiving Nigerians that the nation had no money, while on a monthly basis the Federal and State Government’s continue to enjoy a boost in their allocations.

The Punch efforts to reach President Buhari’s Special adviser on Broadcast Media, Shaban Ibrahim Sharada, for his reaction on the accusations failed, as his cell phone was not reachable.




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