It is no longer in contention that the Movement for the Enslavement of the Niger Delta(MEND) had entered into an unholy contract with the Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal government just to tarnish the image of Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and the Biafran struggle, all in a desperate bid to secure the release of their terrorist leaders(Charles and Henry Okah) and also to acquire monetary benefits from the government.

The desperate move by this miscreants and misguided fellows in MEND has made it become imperative to ask why they are hellbent in destroying or derailing the Biafran struggle and its image maker(Mazi. Nnamdi Kanu), what do they stand to benefit from this in the long run? The vitriolic way and manner they make utterances has left much to be desired which makes one wonder if they are now the new appointed spokespersons for Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB as the case may be.

These heavily disjointed group of hungry fellows and desperadoes has been finding it very difficult to come to terms that they can never use IPOB nor its leader as a tool in the hands of the government because neither Nnamdi Kanu nor IPOB as a whole would want or dream of associating, talk more of entering into negotiations with notorious criminals, hoodlums, rabble rousers and self-enriching seeking fellows whose stock in trade is to engage in all manner of horrible and despicable crimes just to make ends meet or ake out a living.


They capture any available opportunity to illegal and irrationally seek for relevance in their despicable assertions; dragging anyone that suits them along in their unending political manhunt and acts of banditry.

Their trend over the weeks has shown that they are so desperate and will never relent until they succeed in their political savagery.

First, it was coming out publicly to create a shadowed, illusionary and nonexistent splinter group of the Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, known as RNDA(for whatever that means) which was dead on arrival.
Next they desperately sprang up with a whole number of unfounded, and cooked up false accusations of sponsorship of the NDA, including its controversies and conspiracies in dragging the former President Goodluck Jonathan, Godswill Akpabio, Nyesom Wike, IPOB and others in their mess. But this like previous malicious attempts fell flat on arrival. This was after they entered into an unholy and unsought alliance with the Federal government in their purported and unapproved negotiations on behalf of IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu, on condition that he renounces Biafra for his release from illegal detention and incarceration.

MEND, still in their unquenchable thirst and unjustified struggle for survival, yesterday, mentioned that the IPOB leader had secretly made concessions with them to renounce Biafra. The question remains where, how and when this purported meeting with Nnamdi Kanu took place. This was left unanswered by their malignant piece.

Whilst these incurable madness by MEND is raging on and continues degenerating, people needs to be wary and not forget easily the stock, brand or trademark this so-called MEND is made up of.

It is evidently clear that MEND under the Okah brothers in detention (Charles Okah in Kuje prison and Henry Okah in a South-African prison), and which is now under the control of President Buhari and his DSS, are known for banditry, kidnapping, money swindling and other notorious and unwholesome activities they engage in.

The notorious suicidal Charles Okah presently in Kuje Prison, Abuja, is the same person as Gbomo Jomo; the so-called spokesperson of the defunct MEND whom out of desperation and frustration, had severally attempted to take his own life when he discovered that his chances of regaining freedom following his arrest for masterminding and engaging in Independence Day bombing at Eagles Square, Abuja, is bleak.

This same Charles Okah who has now turned DSS informant and spokesperson, collected a sum of one million naira from Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, to execute that hatched job in order to discredit Jonathan’s government. The Okah brothers through their notoriety which they are well known for, has now succeeded in uniting and affiliating MEND with DSS that he(Charles Okah), is now their informant; dishing out all sorts of lies and falsehood, in connivance with DSS to discredit the liberation struggle by Biafrans and its leaders in other to satisfy and secure Buhari’s favour and goodwill.

So it is not surprising that the two brothers would venture into this unholy alliance with Buhari and would not mind tarnishing the good image of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB in a desperate bid to secure their release. Buhari now views them as willing tools to achieve his evil plans by evil machinations and manipulations.

It was quite a pity and unfortunate that their mere oral support for Buhari during the last general election in 2015, could not secure or guarantee their freedom because they had done that in anticipation for their release but alas, Buhari had other plans for them to execute. He envisaged using them as capable tools to achieve his evil desires to which has culminated to what we are seeing, hearing and witnessing today.

The two notorious brothers(particularly Charles Okah), who has now sold their birthright and conscience to evil, now fight tooth and nail, like a chained wounded lion, to see that their freedom is secured by riding on the back of IPOB and its leaders without considering the endemic and overreaching consequences of their actions. They are ready to do anything their captors/detainers wants them to do, so long that will guarantee their release from detention.

These past few weeks had seen the DSS hiding under the cloak and protective covering of MEND to pursue their political manhunt and unholy alliances that one kept wondering whether this group called MEND are truly representing or seeking to liberate or emancipate their people as their name implies. But the public has come to terms to know what really they represent and the lies, deceit and propaganda behind MEND.

It might also interest my readers to know that MEND(Charles Okah); as DSS’ informant, is the brain behind the recent arrest of some people in the Niger Delta region by the Nigerian military, in providing false information(s) to the Commission, as part of the criteria for his release if he would help them clampdown on Avengers, since they choose Nnamdi Kanu over him and did not include him on their demand list for negotiations with the Federal government or to secure his release. This was how they now resorted to campaign of calumny, image defamation, fabricating and dishing out falsehood and engaging in other unwholesome activities in the pursuit of their freedom from merited detention.

Coming out to tell the ‘Press’ that Nnamdi Kanu intends to renounce Biafra secretly, to me, is of no consequence; it is totally laughable, unimaginable and at worst, absurd. This has really gone a long extent in showing how desperate and hopeless these people behind the new MEND can be and they will stop at nothing in securing their release, even if it means dragging everybody down to achieve this.

Therefore no sane individual should take them serious but I will also want to express my utter shock and disbelief that the government of Buhari in their hopeless desperation, could even condescend so low as to engage with those ill-mannered and notorious brats. If the Federal government had sincerely and genuinely wanted to release the Okah brothers, why would they use them in such an awful and despicable manner devoid of integrity and human respect; luring them in all sorts of unthinkable and unimaginable missions?

Finally, IPOB under the firm leadership of Mazi. Nnamdi Kanu has severally reiterated that he will never shift grounds to secure his release because there is no modicum or atom of desperation in him just like the Okah brothers has shamefully exhibited.
In case they have suddenly forgotten or still amiss as to his clear wordings and intentions, they should revisit the last Friday press briefing where Nnamdi Kanu without mincing words, unambiguously stated that he has no connection, contact, ties or any form of relationship with the members of the MEND, neither has he nursed or nursing any intention to denounce Biafra, whether overtly or covertly; and as such, MEND has no implied, direct or express authority of Nnamdi Kanu to represent him or IPOB in any capacity in their frivolous ongoing negotiations with the Islamic Federal government of Nigeria.

If at all, and by your “wildest imagination,” Nnamdi Kanu wants to denounce Biafra, he doesn’t need to do that covertly or in a clandestine manner because IPOB of which he’s the leader, represents light and whatever is done, is done openly as transparency is our watchword in all our dealings. All these unfolding events in the polity had vindicated our long held views that Nnamdi Kanu is a Political Prisoner and a Prisoner of Conscience, POC.
On Nnamdi Kanu’s and Biafrans’ total and unconditional freedom is where we stand; therefore any stumbling or impeding blocks put or casted on our road to freedom by diehard enemies of Biafra and publicity seeking agents of enslavement of the Biafran people will without hesitating, always be crushed, mesmerized, pulverized and consumed by the Almighty Heavenly Father Who strengthens us!


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