August 21 2016
By Ifeanyi Chijioke

After a clear assessment of the role MEND is playing in Ijaw speaking part of Biafra; it was nothing different from what Ohaneze played in Igbo speaking part of Biafra. There seems to be significant similarities as the entire people of Biafra are suffering same fate. There is always Judas among them that must spring like a group and fighting the common interest of the people; either for financial gain or appointment or connection. They often forget everything and the risk they pose to their people; they are after anything that will give them comfort and deny the people their rights. Ohaneze of the Ijaw speaking part of Biafra is on its job; fighting to enslave the people and assume a better position over them.

There is always inducement and future in their fight, just as Ohaneze fought to take control by suppressing the wish of the entire people of Igbo speaking part of Biafra and Biafra in general. MEND is today fighting to suppress and kill the agitation of the entire people of Biafra to be free. They have seen that killing the dream or fighting the wish of the people will bring them to a high position; as payment for stopping Biafra and pulling down the Biafranized agitation by NDA; they would eventually be given appointments, money and regarded as relevant by the government they assisted. They are contractors and always on one business or another; having contracted the job, Ohaneze of Niger Delta part of Biafra is pushing desperately. They have made a significant move by fighting Nnamdi Kanu and commencing Operation Moses as promised.

The positive to take from MEND battle is experience; the Ohaneze of Igbo speaking part of Biafra was conquered when it sprang and with the same approach, Ohaneze of Ijaw speaking part of Biafra will be treated. Suffering same fate is as a result of coming from one ancestry and MEND could as well be seen as part of the battle to the promise land. It is unfortunate for the people of Biafra that everything about them is always complicated and that further buttresses the fact that they are Israelites. It should be so discouraging that having fought the people of Biafra since 1967 till date and divided them to make them ineffective minorities; the people have not learned to be united and avoid being used by powers that be.

Nnamdi Kanu seems to have instilled an ideology in the people of Biafra that have helped them in conquering their saboteurs. When Ohaneze of Igbo speaking part of Biafra came as reasonable men, they tried to justify the reason they are opposition to their people but the people persevered and stay united; they fought as a unit and finally humbled Ohaneze of Igbo speaking Biafra. Having seen that the people are resolute and strong in their quest; we today see a different Ohaneze of Igbo speaking part of Biafra. it is very strange to have heard the reason a group will stand to fight their own people just for one gain or another. Brotherhood cannot be compared to friendship that can last but for the moment it is served whilest blood is unbreakable.

The Ohaneze of Ijaw speaking part of Biafra remains unclear what they are fighting or their reason for opposing their people. The Ohaneze of Ijaw speaking part of Biafra are criminals but said to have repented but such repentance was to turn their criminal activities against their people. That is a bane the people of Biafra must bear and understand that it is part of destiny to experience everything their forefathers experienced in their journey to the promise land. While MEND-the Ohaneze of Ijaw speaking part of Biafra has chosen to use Moses as it code name for the battle against the people; it is better to remind them that Moses was never a liar but a bold man that confronted his adversaries without side stepping. Should the empty accusation aimed at discrediting Nnamdi Kanu be what Ohaneze of Ijaw speaking part of Biafra has; I fear they are nowhere near the standard to oppose or fight the people.

It is time both Ohaneze of Ijaw speaking part of Biafra and that of Igbo speaking part of Biafra realize that what put them in the state or marginalization, subjugation and slavery they are today is their sabotage in 1967 and they seem to have never learnt from that loss. Ifeanjuna had a reason for betraying his people during the war and MEND-The Ohaneze of Ijaw speaking part of Biafra must realize that there is nothing that can justify their position against their people. There is need to always stand with the people and die with the people; that is the honour of coming from a place.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke writers for Biafra Post.
Publisher: Akachukwu Udo.


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