August 16, 2016
Press Statement:


The Indigenous People of Biafra can confirm that the moribund terrorist organization known as Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) has been captured by Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari and converted to the official media and publicity arm of Nigeria’s Department of State Services. Because of this latest conversion, the rogue organization is now popularly called Movement for the Enslavement of Niger Delta (M.E.N.D.). We also have intelligence information that as part of the deal accompanying the conversion, M.E.N.D. or should we say the ever suicidal and mentally imbalanced Charles Okah was promised early release from prison where he is currently being held for his role as the infamous Gbomo Jomo of the tragic terrorist bombing of 1 October 2011 at Eagle Square Abuja. This schizophrenic Charles Okah or Gbomo Jomo who as a matter of public record has attempted to kill himself twice, in his new role as the M.E.N.D leader that only exist on the Internet, was given a paltry One Million Naira by the DSS to provide information on the whereabouts of Niger Delta Avengers. It is necessary to state for record purposes that any person or persons so far arrested by the Nigerian Army or DSS in connection with the activities of militancy in the Niger Delta area is based on information provided by this unstable Charles Okah and should hold M.E.N.D responsible.

Following this promise of early release from prison, M.E.N.D. was required to issue a series of fake press statements intended to drive a wedge between IPOB and the Niger Delta Avengers (N.D.A.) both of whom have since closed ranks in total pursuit of the restoration of the nation of Biafra.

The initial attempt by M.E.N.D. to execute their own part of the deal on fake press releases failed woefully even with the backing of Nigeria’s brown-envelope journalists typified by the APC financed Sharia Reporters. Hence they changed tactics with the recent press release in which they lied that the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has agreed in secret to renounce Biafra in order to be released. Even if we foolishly accept their assertion, does that not indict Buhari and the Judiciary and prove IPOB right that Nigerian Judiciary is compromised and the case against Nnamdi Kanu lacks merit?

By the way, what has renouncing of Biafra got to do with discussions between Buhari and Movement for the Enslavement of Niger Delta (M.E.N.D.)? Why is M.E.N.D. interested in Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu‘s release on one hand and on the other hand assert that ‘Biafra Republic’ aims to annex the Niger Delta region as part of its territory“? Is M.E.N.D that poorly educated that they are unaware that the last Head of State of Biafra before the war ended in January is from the same Niger Delta? Furthermore, is M.E.N.D. aware that it was Chief Frank Opigo from the same Ijaw Clan where M.E.N.D leadership comes from in Niger Delta that reminded us that the name of our nation is Biafra at the meeting of Eastern Consultative Assembly on May 27, 1967? Niger Delta gave birth to the notion of Biafra and actively nurtured it. Anybody who doesn't know this is ignorant of history and IPOB is not in the business of educating the uneducated. Had Nigeria invested in education especially history in the Niger Delta areas some of these glaring ignorance of historical facts will be minimised.

The latest fake press release by the Movement for the Enslavement of Niger Delta (M.E.N.D.) is part of several stories planted by Buhari's DSS to save face because the pressure from around the world to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is becoming unbearable for the Buhari and his DSS. For the information of the public, the so-called Jomo Gbomo of M.E.N.D. is no other person that Charles Okah who is currently in Kuje prison and in his desperation for freedom has handed over M.E.N.D. propaganda machinery to the DSS after late night meetings.

The question that DSS and Charles Okah (M.E.N.D.) must answer is: where, when and how did the IPOB leader agree to renounce Biafra? Who was present from DSS/Charles Okah (which is the same as M.E.N.D.) to authenticate this hogwash of a news? Where did this meeting take place? If Buhari is looking for a way out he should say so instead of fabricating lies against an innocent man. Nnamdi Kanu is not for sale like Raphael Uwazuruike and Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo. If anyone  wants to see Nnamdi Kanu to find out what he thinks, then let the person go to Kuje prison in Abuja. Nigerian media houses should investigate every press statement from this M.E.N.D. that is now based at DSS headquarters.

It is a shame that M.E.N.D. or what is left of it run from Kuje prison by Charles Okah in concert with DSS allowed himself to be used as an informant for Hausa Fulani Islamic Nigeria and agent provocateur. He is not alone but all of them will join the long forgotten list of betrayers and turncoat that history has quickly forgotten. What a tragedy that the same womb that gave birth to the gallant Henry Okah could produce such a coward and traitor to the cause to liberate all territories of Biafraland.

We hereby remind M.E.N.D. that we are into Biafra restoration in order to free the enslaved people of Biafra and by extension other parts of Nigeria that are under the hegemony of Hausa-Fulani domination. We are not into money-making venture. Biafra restoration is a divine project and it has as all the attributes of a project oneof which is time limit, meaning that we are not “career freedom fighters“ but we are constrained by time to get Biafra liberated from the British criminality called Nigeria. We advice all discerning people and lovers of freedom to discountenance any press release from M.E.N.D. because they have officially taken the task of media and publicity arm of the DSS and are hell-bent on the Enslavement of Niger Delta People who are part of the blessed nation of Biafra.

Nnamdi Kanu shall NEVER ever renounce Biafra whether in secret or in the open and he and the entire IPOB stand strongly with the N.D.A. Together, we shall restore the nation of Biafra while M.E.N.D. continues to operate as the official media and publicity arm of Buhari’s DSS.

Biafra or death!!!


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