Benjamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister of Israel

Dear Benjamin Netanyahu

It has been in my mind to write this piece to you not just as a prime minister but as a brother both in the body and in spirit.I grew up to read and study about the Jewish Holocaust. It struck my heart how and why people was brutalised and massacred based on ideology, hatred, race, religion, etc. The Holocaust took more than six million innocent lives. It shows decay and obsession to destroy human lives by fellow men. 

The purpose of the Holocaust was to wipe out anything Jew/Hebrew from the surface of this planet earth but all to no avail because of our Redeemer liveth." Pharaoh of Egypt tried but eventually lost his glory in his quest. According to the scripture in Number chapter, 23 verse 8 and it says, (How shall I curse, whom God has not curse?and how shall I curse, whom God has blessed). Also stated in the Bible," Any nation that curses you Oh' Israel shall be a curse, and those that speak well of you will flourish". 

During the last ECOWAS submit, the head of the economic community of west African state (ECOWAS) "Marcel Alain De Souza" personally invited you to that very meeting during his visit to Israel,".  Article published in an Israeli media site Israel rising, "BUHARI BLOCKING BIBI FROM VISITING ECOWAS" noted Buhari's hatred, discrimination and prejudice against the state of Yisrael. 
According to the report, this very beast "General Muhammadu Buhari" block the invitation. Isn't evident that this very lunatic, incompetent, illiterate, terrorist, imbecilic and genocidal president of a contraption called Nigeria is nurturing and advancing Islamic agenda in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Africa shall not be free of Islamic extremism as long as Biafrans demand for freedom is ignored. 
Biafra is an indigenous African nation but historical records, cultural and proven evidence shows one of the 12 tribes of Yisrael. The highest God sent us to part of the world we dwell this away our ancestral land of Yisrael in fulfilment of prophecy to disperse the seeds of Yacob to the four corners of the earth. 

Perhaps it's also on purpose to bring light to that part of the land because the house of Yisrael brings light to the world.

The divine blessing upon of the house of Yisrael attracts envy and hatred. Biafra has suffered a great deal of that in the hand of those that want the house of Yacob to extinct.
Today Biafra is the of the victim of the white Europeans Religion, victim of the white Europeans colonialism, Nigeria/British war of extermination(1966-1970). We have also been victimised for our Hebrew/Jewish connection, a victim of having Jewish culture, a victim of agitating for humans equality, a victim for condemning Holocaust, a victim of not accepting Arabian religion called islam. We have also been A victimised for not voting in Obama's choice to elect Islamic President "General Muhammadu Buhari" in 2015 presidential election.

In all these circumstances similar to what Yisrael faces daily we enjoined with you and your people to appreciate Yahweh for keeping Yisrael/Biafra.  

Let me draw your attention to the most important connection between Biafra and Yisrael. Our ancestral connection bonds us forever not even prejudice, hatred or traitors can break the divine link. 

Biafra will always stand with Yisrael; we expect Yisrael to stand up to its obligation to defend Biafra against all odd because free Biafra will be strategic to economic and security of Yisrael. Biafra will be willing to open it door for Yisrael to tap into vast economic potentials in Biafra land. Our natural and human resource will be readily available for both nations growth. Moreover, Biafra will be a gateway to other African countries that will solidify it foothold in African.
Biafra land is the land that flows with milk and honey like the biblical Canaan city. 

Biafra is made about 75million of the Nigerian population, and are capable of raising an army that will put a stop to Islamic terrorism in Africa if been taken seriously! Buhari knows that Islamic agenda assigned to him by Saudi King together with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) won't hold water if KANU and Biafra are free, and as such will be a total failure on Buhari side as have pledged.

Am writing this not just for the fun of it rather is a course worth championing by any Israeli citizen and people of goodwill all round the globe. I saw a video where a woman alleged to have committed adultery was tied helplessly and placed a sharp knife under her throat then cut her head off by the most violent group in the name of Islam," Does that mean there's no forgiveness in such a terrifying religious belief? 

This is what Buhari is pursuing in Nigeria and as the case may be, have never condemned the killing of innocent Biafrans or even the so-called Nigerian citizens by his own  Army, Air Force, Police, Navy, Boko Haram, Hausa-Fulani herdsmen and terrorist governors in the North.

Every effort must be put in place to disintegrate this very monstrous creation not made by God but by a criminal from Britain named Fredrick Lugard. Reconstruction of the ugly entity Nigeria won't save her from anything, those talking about restructuring must understand that Nigeria have exceeded her lifespan as a legal entity, ignorant of this fact will always spell doom for the country.

All our Jewish/Hebrew families all over the world must come together as predicted in the Holy Scriptures in (Jeremiah 23vs3-5 and Isaiah 11vs11-13).
Israel, Biafra, Ethiopia, America, France, India,Russia and many other countries where Jews/Hebrews are found, let's come together cause a cry for one is a cry for all.

Editor/Publisher: EmmaNnaji
For Biafra Reporters



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  1. God in his infinite mercy will always preserve every offspring of Israel. Biafra has come to stay. No more war because the Pharaoh of Biafra will soon begone in order of Pharaoh of Egypt. The house of Israel has come to stay. Amen

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