A source made available to Family Writers has revealed that the Nigerian government is set to lobby many activist groups in the Niger Delta region of Biafra land with the promise of implementing some parts of the confab reports resulting from the National Conference conducted during the administration of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

  The reliable source has it that the Nigerian government are facing intense pressures from the international community and ally countries to give listening ears to agitations of the numerous groups clamouring for independence in the entirety of Biafra land, with a huge reference to IPOB and also Niger Delta Avengers whose activities has crippled Nigeria's oil production as recently admitted by the country's Minister for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachukwu. 

   "The International community, including the European Union and several human rights organisations are mounting heavy pressures on President Buhari's government to do the needful and resolve the increased societal crisis that has ravaged the Nigerian state ever since his inception into office," the source said.
  Continueing, "Buhari now has only two options left for him- either allowing for a referendum or he engages in a meaningful dialogue with the activists.

"Meanwhile, Buhari himself is more interested in any negotiation that will keep Nigeria one than giving room for a referendum that will likely lead to an opposite result. Buhari has sworn never to allow for a referendum, knowing fully well that Nigeria will not survive any referendum.

   "Therefore, the President and his cabinet members has resolved to implement some parts of the confab reports based on partial restructuring of the country, which would in turn make more oil wells available to some notable politicians in the Niger Delta, including the activists that would buy into the deal.
  "This is believed to spark an end to the hostilities in the region at least for the mean time, even as the government is desperate to survive the heat of economic recession." the source concluded.

Meanwhile, the Niger Delta Avengers while announcing a ceasefire operation on Monday had given room for negotiations with the Nigerian government, listing conditions necessary for the maintenance of the cease fire and the negotiations.

   "We are going to support any collective/negotiation team emerging from the Chief (Dr.) Papa Edwin Kiagbodo Clark Niger Delta elders and genuine stakeholders conference to engage with the federal government of Nigeria, representatives from the home countries of all multinational Oil Corporations and neutral international mediators that will be focused on achieving the short, medium and long term frameworks and objectives to de-escalating conflicts in the Niger Delta,'' NDA stated.

  ''Most of the frameworks and objectives are clearly stated in various reports, declarations and recommendations of the likes of the Sir.Henry Willinks minority rights reports of pre-independence Nigeria (1957-8), The Kaiama Declaration document, The General Alexander Ogomudia report, The Leedum Mittee headed, Niger Delta Technical Committee report and restructuring to fiscal federalism.'' 

    ''We have resolved to reject any idea of the peace of our times; we want the peace with honor this time around! Our advice to our Niger Delta elders and genuine stakeholders is that, whenever this inhuman project called Nigeria and her government is ready for dialogue/negotiations with them, this mandate should be treated with that care as driving a vehicle like that of a truck laden with fire.

   ''We are going to continue the observation of our unannounced cessation of hostilities in the Niger Delta against all interest of the Multinational oil Corporations, but we will continuously adopt our asymmetric warfare during this period if, the Nigerian government and the ruling political APC continues to use security agencies/agents, formations and politicians to arrest, intimidate, invade and harass innocent citizens, suspected NDA members and invade especially Ijaw communities.'' they added.

  Also, another group in the region, Adaka Boro Avengers declared support for their sister group Niger Delta Avengers, stating their readiness to join forces with NDA in declaration of independence of Niger Delta Republic come October 1.
"We the Adaka Boro Avengers are throwing our weight behind the Niger Delta Avengers on the declaration of Niger Delta Republic come October 1.
   "Our earlier abortion of the declaration was at the instance of the Niger Delta Republic. This time round, there is no going back and Nigerians should expect a different country called Niger Delta Republic. Arrangements have been concluded for the declaration," they declared.

Going further they campaigned for alliance from other regions in Biafra land as they are confident in executing their plans without any hindrance-

“We’re also using this medium to call on our neighbours, Biafrans to use this opportunity to achieve their dream because all arrangements have been concluded for the success. We are also using this opportunity to tell the Federal government of Nigeria that we ADAKA BORO AVENGERS are not ready for any form of dialogue.''

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