In recent time a group of people called Customary Government of Biafra has taken to the social media soliciting for funds and engaging in all kinds of unruly activities. While there is a desire to get close and know what the group is all about; Ifeanyi Chijioke can reliably report that the Customary Government is not fighting for a sovereign Biafra. This has however pitched them against the People who are fanatical about Biafra. To the people of Biafra; sovereign Biafra remains sacrosanct and they would rather give away their lives than keep living it without a sovereign state of Biafra. 

I have resolutely followed trends and reactions on the Customary Government group and the entire People tend to see them as saboteurs “They are saboteurs; they are working with Billie Human right. They are nothing but money-conscious set of people who go about to defraud people; they are not asking money from the public alone but from government bodies. Tell me how somebody can fight for Biafra with money collected from Buhari and corrupt persons. They have no single member because the people rejected them and this is why they use internet for begging money. We forbid them and we are asking everybody to come under a central command” a member of IPOB resident in Delta state said when asked about the group.

In two hours recorded interview with Gen Joe Achuzia; the veteran talked so much about the Customary Government; describing the group as a conservative group made up of few octogenarians. He noted that the group is not fighting for a sovereign Biafra but simply trying to make sure that old Eastern people answer their indigenous name ‘Biafra’. “If the North can answer Arewa and the West answer Oduduwa, why then can’t we answer Biafra. Customary Government is not talking about Biafra outside Nigeria but Biafra within Nigeria. We are Nigerians but we want to answer Biafra and be known or seen as Biafrans in Nigeria” he said in the interview with this reporter.

Meanwhile; it was made clear that the Customary Government is only slightly with the teeming groups in Nigeria asking for restructure but has chosen to technically ask for that in search of relevance or to influence the people of Biafra they know are vulnerable when it comes to Biafra. The confusion that has trailed the group is the attitude of its leader Dr. Dozie Ikedife who was severally seen dinning with the President of Nigeria and has constantly called for the support of the Government. There seems to be no sign of a person fighting to be free but two love birds fooling the people. “We have seen the Customary Government and we know their plan. They work for Buhari and they want to by all means hinder Biafra restoration project. You can see their picture shaking and smiling with Buhari; that is to show you what we are talking about. When octogenarians would not allow the youth to aspire and achieve their dreams; instead of stand aside and play elderly role, support the effort of their children. They are not tired of money; they want to make more with their people and ready to sell the aspiration of the people. They tried in 1967 and failed, this class is here to start from where they stopped and they want to take them back” A Biafra supporter who declared he belongs nowhere but started agitating for Biafra due to Nnamdi Kanu said.

There is disbelief within the Customary Government that sovereign Biafra cannot be achieved but when they saw Nnammdi Kanu’s effort that has made Biafra a sure thing; they sprang from their shells asking questions and trying to show a different belief. They have spent their entire life walking from one court to another in Imo state with hope that Biafra will be achieved in Nigerian court. “The Customary Government has been in the court with Nigerian over the years and each time we go to the court; they either change the judge or change legal team and they have been frustrating Customary Government” Achuzia who never attended the court said. While the Customary Government has been joking with their selves and wasting so much time with the thought that anything will come out of Nigerian court. Elites hold different view.

Prof. Ben Nwabueze has questioned the rationale behind mingling with Nigerian Government in search of Biafra and was quoted saying “Biafra cannot be achieved through the court” the Customary Government of Biafra has however failed to learn from the words of the seasoned Prof. “They know that nothing will happen from the court if not to be compensated with money; everything going on here is about money. The group doesn’t have members they get money from like IPOB under Radio Biafra who globally contribute and solve their problems. They are not independent and would always be penetrated and used; and I cannot rule out presently that Buhari is not using them because Buhari is fighting IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu ruthlessly” a political analyst who claimed to have a relationship with the founders said.

There is no how Nigeria will say they don’t want Biafra or won’t give you Biafra and you tell the people you are fighting for Biafra while Aso Rock is always open for you. Show me that freedom fighter that has ever been a love bird with the other bird? The bottom line is; Customary Government has to fold and come under the people championing Biafra restoration project if they really want Biafra and they would surely be recognized by Nnamdi Kanu hence they are genuinely in for the quest. With what they are doing; Customary Government is fighting against sovereign Biafra. The group comprises of few elders, just three or four of them and seriously it would be fair to say that they have tried in 1967 and should leave the quest for this generation that have faced it with wisdom and have shown civil aggression that is paramount in freedom fighting” the political analyst who doesn’t want his name in print posited.

To the Customary Government of Biafra; Biafra can be cowardly or strategically achieved by licking the ass of Nigerian President to give them the legal backing to be called Biafrans and then they can live as Biafrans just as Arewas are living with their own cultural and religious laws. They want to remain Nigerians but have the right to be Biafrans and which left them as confused set of people. A man agitating for restructure should be seen as a man that knows what he wants even as one agitating for sovereign Biafra is a brave person. While this is the case; a man asking for a name Biafra or identification is only but a coward lost in fear and disbelief.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke writers for Biafra Post.
Publisher: Akachukwu Udo.


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  1. Regrettably answering Biafra names. They can't represent Freedom. Slaves are they. They are slaves for ever.