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Buhari sponsored Boko haram and destroyed thousands of lives just to blackmail Jonathan and grasp power at all cost. He was at a point called by Boko Haram to even be their chief negotiator and he made it clear that Boko haram deserves no military action but amnesty which is the payment for a job well done. I have followed trends in this contraption called Nigeria and I know what makes one stronger; before the election of Buhari, I spoke with his Eastern supporter who told me the reason he supports Buhari. “If Jonathan has all the armies and Buhari was able to defeat him with Boko Haram, then it would be wise to vote for Buhari so there would be peace and nobody will defeat Nigeria again” his voter said.

Militancy has been in existence for years; and now surfaced as a result of poor or rather bad policies and a man with head listed a set of people as the sponsors of the group without self criticism. The reality remains that Nigeria is a battlefield because of the religious and tribal division that cannot be conquered. This is why there is a mentality that when one government takes over, opposition destroys the contraption called a country just to blackmail the sitting government. While this is going on, children of Africa are paying with their lives for the error or evil called Nigeria. Innocent children unfortunate to be called Nigerians suffer the effect of the contraption called Nigeria while politicians and those that gain keep shouting “One Nigeria” just because they suck and kill the masses.

There is enough reason for everybody to come together and oppose this creation of Lugard that is business conscious and the economic hub of Britain. Children are dying and mothers are dying, there is agony and there is frustration. The contraption has lost everything; it cannot protect her people but instead rain bombs on them. There is nothing left of this contraption if not to dismantle it and give children of the world the meaning of life with nations that would guarantee their safety and peace. A nation Boko haram would not threaten to burn them and destroy their churches. A nation there won’t be any form of religious infringement or cultural opposition. A nation nobody will nurse Islamization agenda or fear the invasion of extremists and a nation nobody will fight to destroy because he wants power. We have to think twice and see that Biafra answers all the questions. Nnamdi Kanu is about saving Africa and the children of Africa; he goes beyond Biafra question.

Sahara reporters rose from bed yesterday morning and named the alleged sponsors of Niger Delta Avengers. I could not stop laughing because I saw Jonathan there; how could our cowardly brother who knelt down before Buhari to thank him for rigging and threatening him out of office sponsor Niger Delta Avengers. I would have loved our mother Patience to be named, big mama and dogged fighter. She is the epitome of Biafran women, always agile and showing what a man can do, a woman can do it better. The list released by Sahara reporters was quite the mentality of Nigeria; this thoughtless media house has entirely lost focus. Let me hold my anger to avoid unprofessional utterances; I will start by asking them, when did militants start existing in that part of Biafra? Until Sahara reporters admit that the days of fighting PDP are over, they would keep messing around because they are obsessed with PDP. Now the alleged sponsors imply PDP are fighting the government of Buhari as Buhari fought PDP with Boko haram.

The return match is here and this is why I told you that Nigeria can never be a country, this is a contraption set aside for business by politicians and made for economic fortune by Britain. There is no sense of belonging or nationhood; everybody is after what they would gain. Now with this development the people called Nigerians suffer death and hunger as it is happening today. Nnamdi Kanu stood firm to save all of them and yet some of them were murmuring. The politicians in this contraption called Nigeria are nothing but heartless parasites, so lazy that they want to stay in the office and suck the wealth of the people under military influence.

Therefore, let us celebrate the alleged sponsor of Niger Delta Avengers if there is any for not taking lives of the people like Buhari took thousands of lives with Boko haram. Let us celebrate them because they have decided to save every one of us, both Nigerians and Biafrans. Let us look back at what the sponsors really wanted and thank them for sponsoring Avengers. The alleged sponsors should be happy that they are today fighting to end impunity in Biafra land. The alleged sponsors should beat their chest and say we are proud of forcing the Northern bigot to restructure the contraption.

They should beat their chest that they are trying to save people from the Tsunami that would come as a result of continued incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu. As long as nobody’s right is taken and nobody’s life is taken, the sponsors of Avengers are nothing but righteous men that want the stability and safety of everyone.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke.
For Biafra Reporters.
Published by The Biafra Post.


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