August 27th 2016

A reliable source has it that Muhammadu Buhari has formally ordered military invasion of Biafraland with a combination of air, land and sea assault. 

Now people can see the result of John Terry visit to Nigeria, two days of his departure from the contraption called Nigeria, Buhari has formally ordered for a total war of extermination of Biafra ordering the military to capture Tompolo and Asari Dokubu dead or alive. 

We advise all Biafrans home and abroad get ready to defend your life and property because they have come to kill us. 

To all IPOB members, this is the time you have to show who we are, intelligent information gathering, self-defense, and defence of your communities should be your top priority at this critical moment in our history.

Nobody can save us apart from our collective resolve.We have a choice to live or die in the hand of Hausa-Fulani and their president Buhari.

IPOB had held Nigeria to the ground since they arrested our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu 14th October 2015 and still keeping him in detention for almost one year, and right in front of them they see how the giant of African collapse on their watch. 

They have formed all formable groups to deceive the public and counter IPOB, but they failed each time they try. From Fake Avengers to MEND to "Ohaneze Ndi oshi na ndi Ama" to Ohaneze youths to Ohaneze students To TRIPOB perhaps before this month runs out they might come up with Ohaneze traders, Ohaneze strikers, Ohaneze south-east South-south.

My question to Buhari is: Buhari can you handle this earthquake you're about to cause. "Odi Kwa risk for you, your people and the world."

All hail Biafra

For Biafra Reporters


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