Muhammadu Buhari and fellow APC party members during election campaign 2015

Executive Director, Voice of Northern Christian Movement, Pastor Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa, has expressed dismay that President Muhammadu Buhari has failed Nigerians with his change agenda.

In a statement he issued in Kaduna on Tuesday, he noted that, “During the Buhari and Osibanjo’s APC Presidential Campaign 2015, I sacrificed my life and time based on General Buhari’s promises to Nigerians specifically in fighting corruption, terrorism, uniting Nigerians, employment and job creation for the youth and the boosting of the economy of the country.

“So far, President Buhari has made remarkable achievements in fighting corruption and terrorism among some of the Nigerian elites, but without making a holistic approach to the issues mentioned.

“May I ask about the third promise, that is, uniting Nigerians? What is happening now especially in the areas of appointments and employment? We can clearly see the kind of one-sided appointments with about 80 per cent Muslims.

“For instance, Comptroller General of customer, Comptroller General of Immigration, commandant NSCDC, Comptroller General of Prison Services, Chairman EFCC, Director of DSS, Accountant General of the Federation, Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Air-Staff, Chief of Staff and National Security Adviser.

“Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Minister of Interior, Minister of Defence, Minister of Education, DG NYSC, AMCON Boss, NCC Chief, NPA Chief, DG NTA and IGP, are all Muslims.

“In addition to this, there has been some employment to the Department of Security Service and Economics and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), which is also one-sided, favouring the Muslims over the Christians in Northern Region.

“Let me also mention the replacements in both the immigration and Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps by Muslims against the Northern Christians.”

He noted that at the moment, the entire country was already ravished with hunger and famine, adding, “A situation where masses are buying a measure of rice over N550.00 and a bag of fertilizer about N10,000.00.”

He observed that Nigerian farmers were struggling to live from hand to mouth and were also been butchered on their farms by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

“I want Mr. President to know that we did not sacrificed our lives in bringing him into power to come and oppress and kill our people with hunger. I must tell Mr. President that we cannot continue like this, else, we are going to change the “CHANGE.”

“When I blew up the whistle of N7 billion bribe given to Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), by the Former President, Goodluck Jonathan, one of the security agents nearly killed me just because of APC and Buhari, no APC leader that stood with me during my trauma in the hands of the DSS.

“People accused me that APC governors gave me money and I’m now challenging the APC leaders. If any of them gives me one naira to work for APC, let that person come out and prove it to the whole world. It is on record that APC leaders deceived Nigerian masses to vote the party in order to achieve their own personal interest,” he observed.




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