Biafrans celebrating in Rio
When the going gets tough, Biafrans get going. This was what Biafrans have been showing to the world since the Rio Olympics started in Brazil.
Nobody can keep Biafrans down
They have stormed every venue with Biafran flags and artifacts, singing and hanting Biafran anthem and solidarity songs to the delight of the world.
Nigerians are nowhere to be found.

Biafra flag eveywhere
Apart from the number of Biafrans competing under Nigeria’s abominable colours, because their country, Biafra, is not yet free; the fans are also Biafrans carrying Biafra flags everywhere. The fans have all deserted Nigeria to show that they own the world.

After seeing what was going on in Rio, an excited Biafran exclaimed
Right at the Olympic stadium Biafrans everywhere! No Nigerian flag anywhere! We make Nigeria and we have destroyed Nigeria. We told them that when we are through with Nigeria, no sane person would be proud to lift Nigerian flag anywhere in the world. The worst is yet to come for Nigeria”

By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers
Published by The Biafra Post: Read more here



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