Aisha Buhari And Ejike Mbaka Photo
By Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 01 2016

Come, what is wrong with this man, is he not your priest or has something gone wrong; has he been de-robed? I really don’t understand and please don’t be offended that I am asking you. Yes I asked because he was telling Buhari the other last time that he can’t have someone like Ejike Mbaka and not listen to him. He noted that if such thing is happening then something is wrong somewhere; my concern is Mbaka is no longer being mild or even tactical. He is bluntly begging to be Buhari’s adviser, saying everything and there is need to check where something went wrong. Is he now weird because he fell out with the entire people who used to respect him? Anyway, you can rate Mbaka as the most abused priest of 2016\2017; don’t doubt the survey, do the rating yourself and you would see that the only priest to have been mostly abused is Ejike Mbaka.
Don’t get this rating twisted or say I am witch-hunting the man; how could I and don’t even think like that; I am a respecter of a sane and upright man. Is Mbaka really sane or crooked? I don’t know but the reality remains that I don’t know him again as someone that used to fight for the masses; he just joined the government and defending the government more than he defends God. What do you expect from a politician if not lies and grudges; Mbaka as a serious politician would only make him a serious liar and a serious troublemaker. I am trying to check another politician mostly abused; yes here comes his political godfather Muhammed Buhari; like father like son. Mbaka was rated the most abused Priest because he left his duty and joined politics; always in the middle of one controversy or another and that destroyed a once respectable priest.
What even caused the rain of abuse? The problem with you religious bigots is you don’t reason. Did he not support Buhari and told you people that he is the Messiah and that with him everything will be fine? And you supported Buhari because the Holy Spirit of God has spoken; behold, there is hunger and there is death after the support. Buhari is the worst thing that has ever happened to you all; the words of the Holy Spirit from Mbaka were all lies. Was that not what caused the abuse and who would you blame, will you blame the people abusing him or blame him that incurred the wrath of the people? Buhari is the most abused politician and due to he is Mbaka’s godfather; he is receiving the blessing of his father. Had things worked out as he said through his Holy Spirit; won’t he be jumping in his adoration ministry and more members coming? But now the game did not go as planned; he is suffering the loss.
He is a Reverend; how the almighty has fallen; were you not there in the past to see how he defended you and boldly preached. He goes into his closet and prays and talks as he was directed and at the end of the day, you realize that he is at peace. But just imagine your Mbaka of today; last time he said that people are dying and are in hunger, the next day, he almost denied everything he said. I don’t understand if Mbaka is a drunk nor was he asleep when he said all he said? The rate he fears being critical of this government; always defending the government against the people. Don’t bother, I am addressing Mbaka de- politician; when it comes to Mbaka de-Reverend, I will shape my lips. I am beginning to doubt a lot of things about him; but there is need to admit he was caught by the devil. Today our respectable Mbaka has turned into a laughing stock; rated the most abused priest of all time. I don’t know how people broke the barriers of the honour Priests carry to have sufficiently abused and brought him to zero. I really pity him and I found out that others have learnt lesson from his mistake or temptation as the case maybe.
Mbaka is a great politician and I can see his political life will be more magnificent than his priestly life. I will not be surprised to hear him announce his resignation as a Priest and carry on with politics because he is determined to touch the lives of the masses. I want you to follow me and understand me because you really have to know the qualities of a good politician. Jonathan was not performing during his tenure and when election came, he called Jonathan but Jonathan messed up by not giving him attention. Mbaka went angry because the masses are in pains and Boko Haram destroying lives; Jonathan was supposed to listen to him but he forgot that Mbaka is a top man that deserves attention. If he talks, the people will listen and for not answering him; I support Mbaka the great politician to have sided Buhari.
Two pigeons were tested and Buhari won; that was the end for Jonathan and the Holy Spirit started talking to Mbaka against Jonathan. As a very wise politician; his preaching began to target Jonathan; the tapes sold among APC faithfuls’ and that was how he became pro-APC; shouting change every day and convincing us that we need change and indeed we needed change. The election came and gone and Buhari won; Adoration ground was buzzing and bubbling; Buhari is answered prayer; lol, indeed a prayer was answered. Whoever knew Mbaka’s joy would short live? That the Holy Ghost change he assured would turn things around would destroy everything and take away the little we enjoyed under Jonathan. With hope that things will shape-in; Mbaka still talked with confidence but as each dawn comes; so does the problem and pain of the people get thicker.
He could not help it recently when he attacked Buhari and warned him that unless he listens to him and take advice from him; nobody will vote for him in 2019. I concur with him; Buhari needs to make him his adviser because Mbaka wants Buhari to succeed more than Buhari wants. The latter will decide his rise and the fall; if Buhari succeeds, Mbaka’s joy would know no limit because he is the child of his fake prophecy or fake prayer. When PDP members and enemies of Mbaka saw his castigation of Buhari; they took advantage of it and made it clear that he has finally compromised Buhari; of course he said nobody would vote for him. As a good politician, he went back to the press and made it clear that he never attacked Buhari and that PDP should forget 2019. Who then will be voted or was Mbaka drunk when he said nobody will vote Buhari and castigated him so much.
Finally; Mbaka has failed to remember he is a priest; he is more conscious of his political life than his priestly life. Jonathan has come and gone and would not come back again; why then the grudge against him? Maybe because Jonathan has never replied him for once and that caused frustration? Yes, it can happen, when you attack and keep attacking someone and he never replied, you then keep attacking to make him talk. I don’t see Jonathan replying because he is good at that; he would only shed tears like those days and meet Redeem church general overseer for counseling. People say Mbaka blames Buhari; Mbaka says no, I blame Jonathan. Buhari is clueless and can’t fix the economy like Jonathan fixed it; Mbaka says no don’t blame Buhari, it is Jonathan’s fault.
The same Mbaka told us that if Jonathan is voted out of office, everything will be fine and when we did what he told us; he is still here obsessed with Jonathan. If Mbaka receives small offering, is Jonathan; if his members could not come to Adoration, is Jonathan. If he is sexually disturbed, is Jonathan; if he is transferred, is Jonathan. If he thinks that what he told us about Buhari is error, it is Jonathan. If Buhari goes to medical checkup, it is Jonathan. Why this grudges against Jonathan, has he not left Nigerian for Mbaka, what is exactly the problem with him? Jonathan pleaded that he wanted to stay; Mbaka said no, that he must go so that things will be fine and now he has gone, we have lost both the little he gave us that we never appreciated. Mbaka I am now begging you, as a Priest and a child of God, please forgive Jonathan that he may rest for you! If you are forcing a reply; Jonathan seriously doesn’t know you exist. Better declare yourself Buhari’s adviser and help him prove your prophecy right.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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