By Paul Osuyi – ABUJA

Another militant group, Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate (NDGJM) has rubbished the ceasefire declared by the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) at the weekend and vowed to continue to carry out more deadly attacks in the oil rich region.

NDGJM declared that Chief Edwin Clark does not have the mandate to lead the negotiation for peace in the Niger Delta region, saying that the Ijaw national leader was not only compromised but is actually one of the founders of the NDA.

The group in a release by its spokesman, Aldo Agbalaja maintained that the peace initiative of Chief Clark was being driven by a gang of breast pocket politicians who in the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan looted the nation and raped the region.
The NDGJM said it will rather embrace the negotiation team “led by the Amanyanabo of Twon Brass, Alfred Diete-Spiff, which has the involvement of some international agencies,” urging the Federal Government to build on the successes so far made by that team.

“Build on this group and reach out to our people, not on an Edwin Clark group, which had connived with Jonathan in the past to subject this region, including the majority of our Ijaw brothers, to one of the most untold humiliations by leaving the region they claimed to be representing worse than it was under previous administrations.

“Enough of these buccaneers in the name of leaders of the region, our people from both the upland and the creeks deserve a better deal, not the Avengers kind of deal. We will continue to carry out more deadly attacks until the right thing is done,” the statement read.
The group insisted that they were not part of the peace moves by the Clark team, adding that those who are calling for truce “were the same set of people who put the Avengers together in the first place, therefore the hypocrisy of these people is becoming glaring to the world by the day.
“We also know that the charade called ceasefire is in the bid to collect more money from both the federal government and oil companies, to be shared between the founders and the boys of the Avengers.

“We hereby serve a notice that the so called truce called by E.K Clark and co is not recognised by the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate as we do not see Clark as the leader of all Niger Delta, but of only the Ijaw nation.

“We are serving a notice that the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate is still carrying on with this campaign against Nigeria’s oil and gas interest until the federal government does right by our people.
“Like we said in our previous message, only a credibly convened conference of Niger Delta stakeholders, made up of real, grass-rooted representative from the six core Niger Delta state, not breast-pocket rogues, who are merely looking for more avenues to sleaze and looting, can dialogue on behalf of the region and get a real deal out for our people, and those are the kind of representatives that the Niger Delta people can trust with their mandate.

“Therefore, President Buhari should take note, stop wasting your time with these people, they are not serving the interest of the Niger Delta and they cannot stop the current campaign. They can only withdraw their boys, the Avengers, from action but not the genuine campaigners for a better Niger Delta.”

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