The Niger Delta Avengers won’t sit back and watch as things continue to go from bad to worse in the region. THE Nigeria Naval officers mandated to escort Petroleum tankers into the creeks of the region should do so peacefully and cease from harassing the innocent people that goes about doing their routine fishing, traveling and business activities in the creeks.

We are calling on all international and local shipowners, Nigeria Port Authority (NPA), and the Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC) to sternly warn the Naval operatives attached to such vessels to focus on their assigned duty and desist from using same as an excuse to harass and molest innocent citizens except that it is part of the directive from the federal government to them to harass, molest and kill our people on a daily basis.

It is no longer news that a Nigerian Naval officer shot dead an innocent man only a few weeks ago. The daily unlawful acts of naval operatives has invoked an undue tension on the peace-loving people of the Niger Delta as they are scared of going about their daily legal activities in the creeks for fear of being harassed by security operatives.  

Niger Deltans have suffered enough from the federal government's repeatedly ill-advised policies so adding to the hardship of the people won’t be welcomed by Niger Delta Avengers because we are out there to fight for the liberation of the region. 

We do not welcome the stoppage of 200HP outboard engines routing the Niger Delta Creeks. Niger Deltans are peace-loving people. With the present situation of the country it’s inhumane to stop the 200Hp to be used in the region. Fast cars have not been stopped in the country despite the high rate of robbery in the country with same neither has Toyota Hilux and motorcycles been banned in the North East when it is a documented fact that they are the operational tools of the dreaded Boko Haram sect.

We are hereby calling on the Nigerian Navy to desist from such unlawful acts and recede the call for the ban on 200HP outboard engines as refusal to heed this warning of ours will spun us to declare a war on the Nigerian Naval Force. This war will aide us achieve nothing but expose the Nigerian Navy to the biggest embarrassment in the history of the force. It is also a promise from us that we shall make the waterways unsafe for any vessel or petroleum tanker if you fails to listen to our warning and still go about harassing and killing our people in the guise of escorting vessels along the Niger Delta creeks. Come for us if you are not scared and stop harassing the of innocent people in Rivers, Delta, Bayelsa, and Ondo.

A word they said is enough for the wise.

Col.Mudoch Agbinibo


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