I believe not everyone is a lover of war but when some men refuse to embrace peace and do things peacefully, war then is the alternative. Mind you, great men are not afraid to die for what they believe in. Threats, killings and arrests have always been the actions taken by the Nigeria government against Biafrans with the goal of quenching the quest for Biafra, not knowing that all those evil and deadly actions carried out against Biafrans strengthens them the more.

The fact remains that Biafrans cannot be silenced and the fight for freedom will never cease until Biafra is fully restored. I so much respect Britain and EU for the diplomatic and intelligent way they handled the BriExit. No one was arrested, shot at or killed for speaking for or against the exit from EU.

That's the display of intellectual minds and the rule of law. If it was Here in Africa (especially Nigeria), hell will get lose. The uncivilised and immature attitude would be on display. Even before the exit; heads will roll, the military will paint every part of the country with the blood of those who requested for the exit. Britain, the colonial masters of Nigeria (through the exit from EU) displayed a clean and good example of true respect for rule of law, honesty and leadership that ought to be followed in Nigeria. Instead of hunting what she can't kill, Nigeria should adopt the same step. Kindly give Biafrans their freedom or better still, conduct a clean peaceful referendum in Nigeria and let's see what the outcome will be. Arresting people, shooting and killing them will never solve this issue.

Speaking of war and threatening Biafrans with war only makes things worse, because everybody knows quite well the events that occurred during the Nigeria-Biafra war, but it can never be compared with what will happen if another war were to start today because of this same issue. If war should start today because of this issue, I don't think Nigeria would have it their way the way they did in 1967. The world is now more civilised and advanced, and cannot be compared with the year 1967. If Nigeria goes to war again with Biafra, to be honest, Nigeria will not survive to tell the story. Mark my words! Threatening a group of people who are already backed up against the wall, and badly seeking for freedom when they no longer have anything to loss is just like writing your own suicide note which would make those who read it feel very sorry for you. Nigeria should stop the old mentality of resolving issues with war else war will consume what's left of the country. Anyone who preaches peace but don't do things peacefully is a hypocrite. Biafra and Nigeria can go their separate ways and still become

Peaceful neighbors. And this can only occur ONLY IF Nigeria will peacefully let Biafra go (FREEDOM) or at least conduct a Referendum. Nigeria should stop beating the drum of war; Let her display maturity, and wisdom,Kindly FREE BIAFRA or call on the united nations and other international bodies to Conduct a referendum in BiafraLand and know if we really want to exit from Nigeria.  Biafrans are 100% ready to Exit from Nigeria...its time the Nigerian government stops the brutality and evil works been directed to Biafrans, its time to Free Biafrans and give them Biafra peacefully to avoid a second civil war.

By Maxwell Chuks
For Family Writers



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